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Is it normal to spank your wife? Does a respectful, loving, and caring man spank his wife?

Is it normal to spank your wife? Does a respectful, loving, and caring man spank his wife?

Is it normal to spank your wife? Does a respectful, loving, and caring man spank his wife?

It is normal regarding your home and how you run it. As far as larger society goes, it depends on where you live. No one knows I am spanked. They would be shocked! You would be shocked if you knew me.

My husband is respected, respectful, loving, and caring. He works very hard in his profession, provides well for our family, and is adored by all our kids. My family loves him and has good relationships with everyone. He is highly intelligent and has degrees to back that up; he goes to church every Sunday and is the goofiest man, sometimes laughing and having fun.

Everyone knows when he’s around, it will be good, clean, and fun. He’s generous with everyone and is the center of our home. He’s super fun and is always taking us on adventures. And he spanks me!

He takes his job as head of household seriously and has been an amazing husband to me for years and years and years. I know my place within our marriage, and I feel a lot of comfort, safety, and peace in knowing he loves me so much that he will take the time to correct me when I need it. Obviously, our kids don’t know, but they benefit from my husband spanking me.

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Is it normal to spank your wife? Does a respectful, loving, and caring man spank his wife?

They are modeled as the only true way a marriage and marital harmony exists. I operate in reverence and respect for my husband. He adores me and misses me during the day. They are completely content with a two-parent family where their mom and dad aren’t shouting silently at each other.

We weren’t always this way, but one day, we discovered that this could occur within our marriage, DOES occur in other people’s marriages, and it doesn’t make us weird, sick, or him an abuser in any way, well, it opened up a whole world for us. So many people practice DD. I write about it here because I want others to know the benefits.

It has seasons, just like everything, but we are committed 💯 to this lifestyle. I hate to call it that “lifestyle.” We have so much more than this in our lives. But the fact that my husband takes me and corrects me by spanking me often enhances all parts of our lives.

I can’t emphasize enough how “normal” my husband is. How “normal” I am. How loving and sweet my husband is. My kids adore him more than I do! (He spoils them way more than me! I’m the battleax that makes them do chores and all the no-fun stuff).

We have unfortunately seen marriages for years fall apart around us. We have seen the effects on our nieces and nephews and kids we know through our kids’ friends and work. It’s heartbreaking. Spanking and commitment to what is outlined in the Bible for married couples (submission, etc.) will help keep love strong and commitment airtight.

Is it normal to spank your wife? Does a respectful, loving, and caring man spank his wife?

We kind of stick to some basics like trying to have our butts in church every Sunday, we do pray as a couple and family (which we didn’t do for years but made a commitment to do eventually so you can too!), we spend a lot of time doing things as a family, talking to our kids and being involved and we (unbeknownst to the kids) follow a strict Christian domestic discipline lifestyle.

The kids know the final decisions, and everything falls to their dad. They know I answer to him in all things even though I am their MOM, and they better not cross me. And they have SECURITY because of all of this!

I find that men who don’t have control of their families & wives ( their wives rule the roost) are the ones who are sneaky, dishonest, less caring simps. They are flirting at work, drinking too much with pals and not wanting to go home, playing too much golf, burying themselves in work, etc.

My husband adores being home because it isn’t a minefield, and he is a king in his own home. And the kids love him home more than me. 😂 So, to answer your question, yes! I am speaking for all men who spank their wives. EXTREMELY Caring, loving, respectful men spank their wives. I guess the most loyal, respected, and caring men spank their wives around you, and you have no idea.

Is it normal to spank your wife? Does a respectful, loving, and caring man spank his wife?

Only if you love her, if your wife is naughty, and you love her enough to give her needed discipline, then, by all means, give her a spanking.

Such a spanking is best delivered behind closed doors, perhaps in your bedroom; she is entitled to privacy when disciplined. You could sit on the bed and have her stand before you as you tell her why she is getting spanked. As you lecture her, you can be unzipping and opening her pants or lifting her dress, depending upon how she is attired.

You could pull down her panties as you guide her across your lap. Once she is properly positioned with her bottom high, you slap her bottom. Be sure you grip her well as you slap her bottom again, but somewhat harder. Keep spanking until you like the color of her bottom. Hopefully, her honey pot is dripping at this point. Then you make love.

If it is agreed upon, if she has consented to the rules and forms of discipline, then absolutely. As long as you are both willing parties, then it’s perfectly fine. It is not normal by societal standards, but as someone who practices domestic discipline, it’s normal. Just make sure that she is willing to be corrected by you in this way before any physical discipline is applied. If you don’t do that, there could be lasting emotional damage.

Is it normal to spank your wife? Does a respectful, loving, and caring man spank his wife?

I LOVE this Question and the answers and comments. Currently, ten say yes (6 women and four men), four say NO (all women), and two say yes.

I vote: ABSOLUTELY YES! I had a very respectful, loving, and caring man – he loved me enough to blister my bottom when needed. When love is fragile and unsure, a man won’t spank you unless he wants the relationship to end. Relationships need limits, boundaries, and rules— good communication is required.

And like many others have said here— it needs to be a real and effective spanking— sitting shouldn’t be comfortable for several days. And that is not harmful. In my view, it Is the job, his responsibility, to spank his wife. And most men aren’t doing their job, and I am disappointed. And I chat with many unspanked wives who are disappointed, too.

How often do you spank your wife?

Yes, I give soft spanks as she passes, even when cooking or working. I will never hurt her with my spanks. A soft pat on her back made her shy and teased her, and I ran away. I habitually pat her bum every morning when I wake up and see her for the first time. Mostly, she will be in the kitchen making coffee, and I show my presence with a pat on her back. That’s how my day starts.

Okay, to spank the wife. My Mrs loves bending over my knee, handing me a hand, spanking her bare arse. Hard enough to redden it, the lips that can be seen also need to be reddened. Once I have thoroughly spanked her red raw, I have little option but to goose her doggy fashion while she is still tender.

It sounds more kinky than disciplinary. First, for a man to spank his wife is physically abusive. This is not something a respectful, loving, and caring man would do to his wife. Unless, like I mentioned before, they practice kinky sex. If my husband ever hit me, that would be the first and last time.

No second chances. Once a man hits you, he’s prone to do it again. He’s proven he can be violent. So, if your husband spanks you and you don’t like it, tell him. If he does it again, it’s time for you to either leave or throw him out.

What are the views on spanking in marriage? Is it allowed or not?

I grew up knowing my mother was spanked and watched her submit to my father as we all did. And I was raised to obey the man of the house, and I married a deep Lutheran man who believes the same. I submit to him and get spankings and other punishments when I disobey and for maintenance. 

Some wives do not allow it; it’s something that has to be talked about and agreed on before you get married. Even though the punishments hurt as they should, I still love my submissive lifestyle. My husband, although strict, is also very loving.

Should I spank my wife for her to respect me?

Should you spank your wife to get her to respect you? The answer is, of course – NO. Had the question been, should you spank your wife if she disrespects you? The answer is, of course, YES.

There are exceptions to every rule, but by and large, most women are emotional creatures. It’s not that women can’t be logical; they can. It’s that fundamentally, most of them are emotional first.

Case in point. If I am at all REMOTELY responsible for any negative in my wife’s life, her first words are, “F YOU.” For example, we attended a concert on a weeknight that ran long. The next day, my wife was EXHAUSTED. On our way to work, I mentioned a concert coming up in a couple of weeks on a weekend that I would like to see. Her response? “F You”

I gave her a warning pat on her bottom. Her response? “F YOU,” which earned her two more. She was angry for over a week over the swats, and she repeatedly told me that the swats were uncalled for. I told her that if she didn’t want them, don’t curse at me.

Is it normal to spank your wife? Does a respectful, loving, and caring man spank his wife?

Now that I’ve upset people. My response was not an angry one. I didn’t beat my wife. What ticked her off was the idea that I gave her three swats.

I know my wife. I’ve been married to her for years. When we were first married, I tried being the nice guy. I tried reasoning with her over everything. It didn’t work. She gave me a clue in how to deal with her outbursts when, during an argument, she said, “You’re the man. You should be doing this.”

So I started acting like the man. When we disagreed on a course of action, we would discuss the pros and cons, but I made the call if we disagreed. When she disrespects me, I call her on it.

My wife suffers from a chronic condition. I’m here for her. I do most of the housework, care for the house, and do all the laundry. I cook most of the meals. And I make her life as easy as I can. I HAVE EARNED her respect.

How many wives are spanked by their husbands?

My husband and I agreed that I would be the typical submissive wife. I’m not religious, but I’m a more naturally submissive person, and he’s a more naturally dominant man. If it were the other way around, maybe I’d be spanking him! (Although, with him being 6′6,″ and me at a whopping 5″1′ I find the idea funny). 

We don’t have children, but I’m a stay-at-home wife. We discuss everything like a regular couple, but he’s the ultimate decision-maker, and if I turn things into an argument, I get spanked. I usually get spanked the next day, so he doesn’t do it out of anger. He also wants me to care for myself, and I’ve been known to go a day without eating. 

I get spanked if I don’t eat at least lunch and dinner. When I make goals for myself, such as exercising five days a week, I get spanked if I don’t meet my goals. I’m okay with this arrangement; he would never spank me if I didn’t consent.

Here’s the thing. I suffer from major depression. It will sound weird when I say this, but it’s the truth. Once he started spanking me, my depression improved over the years. I think it’s because he’s forcing me to care for myself. I lost 50 lbs and am in the best shape of my life! 

Is it normal to spank your wife? Does a respectful, loving, and caring man spank his wife?

Friends, I also think it’s because we don’t argue like we used to. I don’t think he enjoys spanking me. Sometimes, he doesn’t want to do it, but I truly think he does it because it helps me stay on track, and he’s seen what it’s done for my mental and physical health.

My husband is extremely loving and in no way a violent person. We are the happiest couple I know. We get intimate almost every day, at random times during the day (when the mood strikes us, so to speak). And we love hanging out with each other, playing video games with each other, going out for drinks, etc. 

Honestly, we can’t get enough of each other, and since we’ve been married 11 years now (I was only 21 when I married him, he was 22), I don’t think that will change any time soon.

I know my response doesn’t answer your question. I don’t know if there’s been any data gathered, but I have anecdotal evidence suggesting spanking might be more common than expected. Also, if you think about it, there’s a whole BDSM community out there, but that’s a different story altogether.

P.S. – I don’t believe in spanking children! Children should see their parents as safe people. Children are of a different mentality, formulating how to solve problems, and cannot consent to the pain of spanking.

How often do you spank your wife?

A woman’s bottom should never become too ‘fresh’ in a marriage. I mean this both literally and figuratively. Fresh, as in rude, as well as un-spanked.

I am a firm believer in the expression, ‘dont spank in the face; God has provided a better place) Women naturally have large and full buttocks with ample padding. Their bottoms are almost designed to be spanked, especially as adults.

A woman should find herself across her husband’s knee at least once daily. A daily spanking does not need to be extremely hard, nor does it need to bring her to tears. It does not need to be a punishment, in other words. However, she needs to be frequently reminded of her place with all of these blue-haired, land-whale feminists filling women’s heads with garbage.

She will become less comfortable running up her husband’s credit card bill, being rude and lazy if she knows her seat can be warmed beyond a couple of swats a day.

How does your husband spank you?

I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you. Lol, Just kidding. My husband is by far the best spanker I have ever encountered and has been spanking me for over 23 years. He can read me like a book and knows exactly what I need and wants probably better than I do. He can spank as hard with his hand as a paddle feels and go for what seems like forever. 

Friends, he knows a spanking isn’t a spanking unless it is on my bare Butt, and he loves doing it, is spontaneous, and always keeps me on my toes. He prefers a standing position, but he knows I love OTK, so we do a mix. We have tried every implement you can think of, but my favorite is still his very hard hand. So my answer to how my husband spanks me is: Very well, is how. Robin.

Do you spank your wife in public?

I never spank my wife in public. It is a private matter between the two of us. A spanking is humbling, involves nudity, and often a deep expression of feelings. Many people find a spanking sexually exciting. These are all things best shown to her husband and shared with her husband and not anyone else. If my wife did wrong to another, I would have her apologize to that person. However, her punishment would always be private.

Does your husband usually spank you on your bare bottom? If so, do you undress yourself, or does he do it for you?

Sometimes, he will take off my dress, make me completely nude, and bend over the bed or couch while spanking me on my bare bottom with his hands. I often undressed myself completely nude and waited for him to punish me with hard spanking at my bare bottom for my love affairs with other men.

What is the best implement to spank your wife?

When I was married, I usually gave my wife Spankings with my hand; it was the shin-on-skin contact I liked. Sometimes I would Give her a Spanking with my leather belt or a paddle, but usually my hand; I always had her strip completely nude and gave her a Spanking on her bare Butt.

Does your wife ask: ‘want a spanking later?’ or tell you: ‘you’re going to get a spanking later’? Which do you prefer?

Sometimes, she tells me that morning that I will be spanked later on because I was grumpy when I woke up, but she uses many different reasons on different days. Then, later on, usually in the afternoon, she will have 1 or 2 female friends visiting our house, and she will say in front of them that it’s time for a spanking. And then she gets a sandal and sits on the sofa. Then she embarrassed me by pulling down my things and giving me a hard spanking on the bare bum for about 20 minutes.

Does anyone get a spanking from their husband, and why?

I can become fairly submissive when aroused and sometimes want to be spanked. As part of our role-play fun, my husband will take me over his knee, panties around my ankles, and my skirt lifted, then hand spank me until I am red and sore. (Nothing too severe).

He has also lightly caned me a couple of times. I feel vulnerable and exposed during my punishment, which arouses me even more. The soreness can last a few days, reminding us of our sexual play.

Would you marry a man who spanks?

I would love to marry a caring, benevolent man who would love spanking me. And I was spanked by many boyfriends and loved it, but I was married to a non-spanker (he tried it, but it wasn’t his thing) for many years and missed it. I crave it and wouldn’t marry a non-spanker again.

It’s a big turn-on, and I like feeling submissive and physically aroused by a hard spanking for fun or punishment. It’s great for stress relief, too.

How do husbands spank in a domestic discipline relationship?

I love this question. “How do husbands spank in a domestic discipline relationship?” My answer is HARD- DO IT HARD. For a spanking to be effective, it must be something we don’t want again. We should hate a punishment/discipline spanking, and believe me- I DID. 

Too many men are afraid to spank hard or effectively; they learned growing up, “Never hit a girl.” But a spanking is not hitting; it is a spanking. And I agree: never hit a girl or woman in her face or anywhere other than her bottom. God, make bottoms for spanking, in my opinion.

Does your wife spank you?

Oh Yes, she does, and Darn Good at it, too! Always Over Her Lap on the lace of her slip, nylon stockings, and Garter Belt since we were dating! At 72, she still can Whack my Booty pretty well, and I still get my Hard Frictioning across her Hot 🔥 Sexy Thigh-high stockings, and both Enjoying it!

Is spanking the butt a good way to punish my wife when she does something wrong?

Yes! Spanking the BARE butt is a GREAT way to punish your wife when she does something wrong. My husband is a strict disciplinarian who knows how to deliver a bare-bottom spanking. I quickly turn my unbecoming behavior around when faced with or receive a spanking punishment.

I often will be mad about the punishment for various reasons, including my pride and arrogance. My husband is the authority over our home, our marriage, and me, so I have had to learn the hard way when I have gone outside his set parameters. Without a doubt, I can guarantee that even if I am not happy about it at the moment or for a couple of hours after.

I ALWAYS start to lean towards understanding why I was punished and am eventually grateful for my husband’s guidance. My heart changed, and I started to have this overwhelming feeling of complete humbleness and love towards my husband for making me withstand that painful punishment.

Disciplining the butt should be painful and long enough to make an impression. The wife should cry hard and be in complete humbleness at the end. No exceptions. Every time.


It is not considered normal or acceptable in most modern societies for a husband to physically discipline or spank his wife. Physical violence, including spanking, is generally not viewed as a healthy or respectful way to address conflicts or issues in a relationship. In many cultures, such actions are considered abusive and can have serious legal consequences.

Respectful, loving, and caring relationships are built on open communication, mutual understanding, and empathy. It is essential for partners to treat each other with kindness and respect, finding non-violent and constructive ways to resolve conflicts.

If you have concerns or challenges in your relationship, it is advisable to seek professional help, such as couples counseling or therapy, to address issues in a healthier and more productive manner. Violence or physical punishment is not an acceptable solution and can lead to serious harm, both physically and emotionally.

It is normal to spank your wife; many more couples practice this than you’d imagine. Outside of the Western world, it represents the majority of marriages in some cultures. Spanking is well in harmony with respect and love for a wife, as it is a form of loving discipline that corrects the offender, keeping her and the home from the harm caused by bad behavior. 

Chastisement is the outworking of love in this sense. Spanking is also safe and causes little more than short-term pain and soreness. As far as punishments go, that’s quite humane.

Is it normal to spank your wife? Does a respectful, loving, and caring man spank his wife?

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