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What are the customer service hours at Walmart?

What are the customer service hours at Walmart?

What are the customer service hours at Walmart?

The customer service hours at Walmart can vary depending on the location, but stores are typically open 24/7. The customer service desk is usually open during regular store hours, typically from early morning until late at night. Some Walmart stores have a designated customer service desk, while others may provide customer service assistance at the front checkout area. It is best to check the Walmart website or contact your local store directly for specific store hours and customer service information.

The customer service hours at Walmart vary depending on the location, but most stores are open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Some stores may have extended or reduced hours, so it is best to check with your local store for specific hours of operation.

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What are the customer service hours at Walmart?

The customer service desk is typically open during regular store hours, but it may have different hours than the rest of the store. You can check the store hours on the Walmart Official website.

Depends on the store; busier stores would operate a wider range of hours for the service desk than slower stores. Some will widen the hours for busier times of the year. The best way to find out is to search your local Walmart and call them. They will be able to tell you their store-specific service desk hours.

Depends on the store; busier stores would operate a wider range of hours for the service desk than slower stores. Some will widen the hours for busier times of the year. The best way to find out is to search your local Walmart and call them. They will be able to tell you their store-specific service desk hours.

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What are the opening times of Walmart’s customer service?

The customer service hours at Walmart vary depending on the location and type of service you need. Generally, Walmart stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, the store’s customer service desk or pharmacy may have different operating hours. 

To find the specific customer service hours for a Walmart location near you, you can use the store locator tool on the Walmart website and select a store to view its details, including hours of operation. You can also call the store directly to inquire about customer service hours.

To find the customer service hours for a Walmart location:

  1. Go to the Walmart website (
  2. Click on the “Store Finder” link in the top navigation menu.
  3. Enter your location information (zip code, city, or state) and select the store you want to visit.
  4. Click on the store location you have selected.
  5. Look for the “Store Information” section and view the “Store Hours” information.
  6. You can call the store directly to inquire about its customer service hours if you need more information or clarification.

7:00 am at all the stores that are normally 24-hour stores. What are the Customer Service hours for those stores that are not normally 24-hour? With the present concerns over Coronavirus, store hours are 7:00 am to 8:30 pm for those stores that are normally 24-hour stores.

What is your experience with customer service at Walmart?

I drive by a Walmart every time I do my shopping at Target. It’s slightly more expensive but worth it. That’s a good indication of my customer service experience at Walmart. The thing is, it wasn’t even this Wal-Mart that pissed me off. It was years ago at a Wal-Mart five states away.

I’d never really liked that place. I remember when the first one opened in my hometown in the late ’80s, and everyone was so excited about it. Then, throughout the ’90s, everyone started hating it. It put the mall across the street out of business. It was always disorganized. Always dirty. Always had long lines at the checkout.

My father hated it, too. Unfortunately, there wasn’t another local shopping option when I was in middle school. Our choices were Walmart or a 30-mile drive to the nearest Target. I have very fond memories of taking family trips to Walmart. 

We’d all get into the car and go there, and my father and I would sit in the cafeteria area they had there while my mother and sister did the shopping. We couldn’t stand walking around that place.

In retrospect, I’m not even sure why we came along at all. I do know why my father liked to “people watch,” as he called it. We’d each get a soda, sit there, and watch the people walk by while the women shopped.

What are the customer service hours at Walmart?

The final straw for me and Walmart happened many years later. I was an adult living in Chicago with a family of my own, and I had to fly back to my hometown for an emergency. I landed at about 11 p.m. and stopped at Walmart (the only open place) before heading to my parents’ house for the night. I needed an air mattress. I stayed with them, but they didn’t have a spare bed.

No big deal, I thought. I’ll get an air mattress on my way.

It took me ten minutes to drive to Walmart from the airport, five minutes to find the air mattress I needed, and over 30 minutes to get someone to take my money. Yes, it was the middle of the night, but that’s not an excuse for having a checkout line take that long. They had one cashier, but she was completely inept. 

Many other customers dropped their stuff where they stood and walked out of the store, but I couldn’t. I needed something upon which to sleep that night. I made a vow at that moment to never shop there again. So far, I’ve managed to keep that vow.

What is your experience with customer service at Walmart?

I usually don’t have a problem when I can find an employee there. What usually happens with me is when I pull into the parking lot at Walmart, my miniature dachshund will go to her pillow and lie down. She despises Walmart. Sometimes, I’ll invite her to accompany me, but she’ll just lay there and give me the stink eye.

Her attitude towards Walmart has nothing to do with the employees there. When I used to take her inside, every one of them was friendly to her. It’s many of the customers she does not like. I use the mart carts and have her ride in my lap. There were times I’d sense her getting a bit agitated. I’d look around and see a customer giving us a hateful look.

Why someone would find a tall, semi-disabled older man with a cane and a tiny dog in his lap highly offensive is beyond my comprehension. After a few times, she refused to go in with me completely.

What is your experience with customer service at Walmart?

I can answer this question, but only from the other side of the desk. I worked at Walmart from 1997–2006. Walmart has well-defined policies and procedures for its service desk associates. Our regular customers know that if they raise hell and demand a manager, the manager will give the customer anything to stop the confrontation. It leaves the associate looking like an idiot and the customer looking like a spoiled brat.

While at the service desk, I’ve had customers try to return an appliance box full of patio pavers, customers who tried to pay with counterfeit bills made on a color copier, and customers who paid with money they dug out of their sweaty brassiere. I’ve seen the worst of human nature and now think people are evil.

Here is what nobody tells you. When you rip off Walmart, Walmart does not absorb the loss. The money comes out of the employee profit-sharing fund. That means you aren’t stealing from a wealthy company but from minimum-wage employees.

Why does Walmart always need more cashiers on duty, and there is always a line of customers waiting to check out? Wouldn’t it be better customer service to increase the number of cashiers available?

So here is the deal: the more cashiers you have, the more breaks you give out and the more hours you have on the front end. Also, if you have eight registers running and you hit a slow time gap, you are paying them to stand and do nothing.

I can’t speak for other stores, but we have enough people to run eight registers until 10 pm. We get complaints because cashiers dont register the stock, help ing departments, and other crap. So, that is usually why there are “not enough cashiers.”

Now, Walmart is hiring all these college kids who want the weekend off, which causes more understaffing. Lastly, QUIT COMPLAINING TO THE CASHIER. THEY HAVE ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH AND COMPLAINING TO THEM WILL NOT DO ANYTHING. THEY ARE NOT IN CONTROL.

Why is Walmart’s customer service notoriously bad?

In a roundabout way, it’s by design. Excellent customer service isn’t part of their brand strategy. Their business model is high traffic, high product count, high transaction count, and low prices. Excellent customer service costs money, money their strategic model doesn’t plan on spending. If you want better customer service, go someplace else.

Walmart doesn’t want you disappointed, but they are only willing to offer you enough care that is required to keep you coming back. If you complain about the parking lot but continue going there, their strategy is working. If you are unhappy that there are 30 possible checkout stations, but only a few on one end of the store are open, but you continue to shop there, their strategy is working. 

You and I know what we will encounter, witness, and experience before going to Walmart. Shopping anywhere is a take-it-or-leave-it proposition for you and me; Walmart has done the math and seems comfortable with its strategy.

Why does Walmart always not have enough cashiers on duty, and there is always a line of customers waiting to check out? Wouldn’t it be better customer service to increase the number of cashiers available?

Cashiers get paychecks. The fewer you have, the less overhead the greater profit. Many low-service stores cut back cashiers to the minimum, only opening another register if the lines are so long that customers are frustrated. 

It’s certainly typical behavior in supermarkets and home improvement stores. Stores like Walmart know that much of their clientele will come for the low prices no matter how unpleasant the shopping experience is.

What time does customer service close at Walmart?

As a former employee of Walmart, I should answer this question again because so many of you ask for my answer. The Walmart I worked at is not a 24-hour store like most other Walmart stores. The customer service desk is open from 8 am-10 pm CST. I have looked up other stores in my area, and the two closest Walmart stores are open 24 hours a day and have the same customer service desk hours as those I mentioned above.

What time does the customer service desk close at Walmart?

Walmart supermarkets usually close at 8:00 pm or 10:00 pm, depending on the day and exact location. Walmart neighborhood store usually closes at 6:00 pm or 8:00 pm, depending on the day and exact location.

When will Walmart return to 24 hours? What are your views on it?

I work until 2:30 AM, so shopping during the day isn’t practical. A 24-hour grocery store isn’t a luxury for me but a necessity. And also, the older man Sam would have despised Self-checkout.

When will Walmart return to 24 hours? What are your views on it?

Up until a month ago, I was working the third shift, and being able to grocery shop after work was essential. I went almost a month a little while ago without being able to hit the grocery store because I was attempting to leave work early every day for four weeks. Still, I continuously got stuck with crap at work that prevented me from being able to leave and get to the grocery store before closing. 

Going before work is often not an option because I’d have to drive from there to work with all perishables in my car, etc. Not being able to go to the grocery store after 11 PM (when Walmart was already open at the latest). These companies have just given the middle finger to anyone who doesn’t work and lives in the typical 9–5 schedule.

When will Walmart return to 24 hours? What are your views on it?

I don’t know if Walmart will return to 24 hours, but I hope they will. My schedule is unpredictable, so it is convenient to be able to go shopping at any time.

How do Walmart and other stores deal with “24-hour challenges”?

I’ve seen some pretty crazy stunts, and when I ran across this, while not surprised, I was not amused. Yes, since a portion of our stores are indeed open 24 hours. We’ve run across this & most of the time, the folks that do this are easily discovered. 

Since we do walk our floors, we spot stuff out of place and ask them to come out & most of the time, they do, and we leave it at that. Understand we’re in this business to serve the customer & to make money. 

So they must have a pleasant shopping experience. Usually, that’s it, but occasionally, some want to cause a disturbance. We take those instances seriously, and while we don’t want to and do not condone that type of behavior, we do call the authorities when necessary, so my advice is don’t do it.

How do Walmart and other stores deal with “24-hour challenges”?

I had to Google what a 24-hour challenge was, as clearly, I am out of the loop on this one. All the responses I looked at are correct. First, if this 24-hour challenge thing is going widespread across the USA, and often, then Corporate Headquarters has already put into writing the procedures for store employees to follow if this unfolds in their store with, of course, the directions HQ expects the employees to follow to hold them accountable.

If the store is open, and you have not damaged anything, created a mess, or wasted time, you will be asked to leave. They will ask you to leave if you have built your fort and might trespass on you. If you’ve damaged merchandise and cost the company money, they will call the authorities, and possible vandalism charges will most likely be slapped.

If the store is closed, it is not good news for you. You’re all of the above, without a doubt: trespassed, police called, you will be cited, and your parents are going to flip out because they are going to be called, and you are going to Court. 

What are the customer service hours at Walmart?

As for the videos that show up online, yes, most stores have a strict policy on anyone taking videos or pictures in their stores, and the managers involved and Loss Prevention employees will get excited about that, too. Although there are always employees working overnight when the store is closed, the real danger here is your safety and the safety of others. 

If something happens to you or one of your buddies, it may take a moment to find an employee. If it is a serious accident, there may only be someone medically trained to assist once the medics arrive- even if there is, with the time-lapse in finding someone working overnight, to them getting the manager, calling 911, and then medics arriving on scene. It could be tragic.

I was young too once, a long, long, long time ago 🙂 And I get it that kids want to have a thrill. There have been a couple of movies that follow this type of storyline, but please re-think this if you are actually considering this type of stunt. 

What are the customer service hours at Walmart?

Trespassed from a store, police involvement, citations, Court hearings, sentencing if convicted (my guess would be “when” convicted), the money you and your folks are going to spend in fines, the consequences you will face when your parents deal with you, and the embarrassment you will suffer when your friends see you out there sweeping dog poop out of the park while performing community service- surely you guys can find something better than this to occupy your time. 

I have to mention the worst-case scenario. The safety factor is huge, and you don’t want to spend the rest of your life permanently injured or always think back to a friend of yours who was injured, or even possibly lost their life, for something as dumb as this. Plus, the cost to the store and damaging merchandise is just not cool.

The world is full of fun things for teens- go out and do it, and keep it legal, safe, and not destructive. Better yet, challenge yourselves to create a new trend and see where it goes. Good luck, stay safe, have fun, and live well!

Is Walmart going to end the 24-hour service?

No. In 2019, Walmart made a business decision in around 100 stores across the US to end the 24-hour service. Those stores will close somewhere between 2200–000. They will all reopen at 0600. 

Those stores either have little to no foot traffic at night, OR they have warehouses that are retooled to help Walmart Omnichannel ( sales and will use the dark hours to fulfill many shipments. 

By keeping the doors locked, they save on having to keep a third shift customer service crew (in most 24-hour locations I worked in, it was something like two people on the register, along with the third shift crew). Those two people will have payroll shifted to other needs in the store.

Why is Walmart not 24 hours anymore?

Question: Why is Walmart, not 24 hours anymore?

While the company is trying to “sell it” as they’re having additional time to “restock and clean,” both of which are questionable, the real reasons seem to be:

  1. If they were open 24 hours, their shelves would be stripped bare during the various hoarding jags that have occurred recently – Many people would make multiple trips to the stores. They would exceed the posted limits on items to ensure they could obtain them while they were still available.
  2. They would encounter security problems if they did – Wal*Marts would experience numerous shoplifting incidents and outright thefts if they left their doors open 24/7, especially in states where business closures have been stricter than others. If they close at a “reasonable hour,” they risk far fewer valuable items being stolen.
  3. They would encounter security problems if they did #2 – People would begin to “hang out” at Walmart as it would be the only thing open. When the bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are closed, some people who cannot or will not remain at home will attempt to use Wal*Marts as their new “social centers.” It would lead to fights, shootings, and stabbings, so the store chain has decided to close its doors.
  4. It’s very likely that the police and sheriff’s departments “asked them kindly” to close earlier – Wal*Marts are well-known for being magnets for trouble. During a pandemic, the police do not want to get bogged down answering calls from every Walmart in the area while they have limited staffing and PPE (personal protective equipment).

Anecdote: The cleaning and stocking excuse is BS in my area as I have gone to Walmart twice in the last few months, both in the daytime, and the store shelves were stocked then with customers in the store. One store did not use their cleaning time wisely, and I picked up a prescription from them and left rather than doing any shopping in such a dirty location.

The above four reasons are the raisons d’etre for the earlier closures.

Is Walmart a good place to work?

I could be a better employee. My single greatest Talent is pissing people off. Every job I’ve had failed. By age 45, I had worked my way to the bottom.

Then I started working for Walmart. Starting in the deli, then overnights, I am now the department manager over dairy. After 9 1/2 years, I do have the respect of being reliable, working hard, and doing a good job. The guys in my department respect me and work harder because of it.

Walmart has been good to me. I get health insurance, a 6% matched 401k, HSA, a 15% discount on Walmart stock purchases, and PTO. Using my finance degree not to be scared of investing, I have parlayed the extra income I get into a healthy investment account of almost $400k. When I retire in 15 years, that should be close to $1.5 million. So yes. For me, I’m proud of Walmart as a good place to work.

What has happened to Walmart’s customer service?

They’re still there, and they are doing a good job.

I am disabled and incontinent, and for a while, every other time I tried to use the handicapped bathroom, it was occupied by an employee using it as her spot. When I finally got done, I would go to customer service and report it to a supervisor, along with a description of the violator. After 4 or 5 times of doing this, they no longer use it.

What is learned from Walmart customer service?

Lessons from Wals customer service staff:

We are working quickly to provide all customers with the most superior service in the industry. We will never swear at you; please don’t swear at us when we can’t go against company policy. 

Ask for a supervisor. Remember, it’s company policy, so that you might get the same answer from the supervisor.

Because we are treated like dirt all shift long, our smiles and patience are limited; thank you anyway.

Is customer service improving or staying the same at Walmart?

Madeline, every Walmart is different. Store managers and customer service managers can vary greatly in their approach to customer service, but they all want to provide a quality experience. Some stores are amazing, and their people go out of their way to greet, thank, and help every customer they see. In other stores, people treat you like you are an inconvenience, and the last thing they want to do is help you.

At a corporate level, the company is all about the customers, and its policies make that very clear. If the management of what’s happening moment is on board, and corporate is making the right rules, and what’s, and to be clear, this is my opinion and does not reflect Walmart in any way. It comes down to hiring; too many times, managers have taken someone just because they showed up on time and breathing. 

If the person interviewing for the job is not friendly, smiling, and eager with you, the person who can give them a job, then I promise they will not be with the customers either. If you want someone high energy and upbeat, you must look for that person in the interview.


Walmart customer service locations around me close as late as 10 pm (even before the pandemic). Hours of Operation vary by store location (some close at 8 pm at a Walmart around my location), so it is best to contact them to find out.

In every store I’ve worked at, customer service hours are the same as the store. I’ve never worked in a 24-hour store, so I’m still determining. However, even if no associate is specifically assigned, a Customer Service Manager would still be more than willing to help.

It can vary from store to store, depending on their operating hours. The best way to find out about your local store is to either call them directly OR you can call 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278) during the following hours (CST):

  • Mon-Fri: 7 am – 9 pm
  • Sat: 9 am – 9 pm
  • Sun 12 pm – 6 pm

If the store isn’t open 24 hours, then most likely, the police will be called and the person(s) cited for trespassing at the very least. If it is a 24-hour store, trying to hide, make a fort, etc., could be viewed as vandalism. Again, this can result in police being called, trespassing charges, or even banishment from the chain for life.

Those childish and foolish “24-hour challenges” interfere with store operations and can entail safety issues for customers, employees, and the idiots doing the challenge.

What are the customer service hours at Walmart?

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