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Have you been spanked or given spankings to a bare bottom?

Have you been spanked or given spankings to a bare bottom
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Have you been spanked or given spankings to a bare bottom?

My mom believes in spankings and used to give them on my bare butt over her lap. When I was around 14 years old, I did not do my homework for a week continuously, and my teacher complained to my mother. My mom was very angry and told me in my ear that I would not forget the punishment I would receive. 

When we went home, she told me to go to the room and wait, and she went to the kitchen. She came back with a wooden stick. That stick was very intimidating; I almost started crying. She kept that stick aside, dragged my skirt and panties down, and asked me to get over her lap and bang !!!!

She started giving me rapid hand spanks, alternatively on each cheek. It was as painful as hell. I was crying and kicking my legs. After hitting me about 20–30 times, she asked me to get up. I thought it was done and relaxed. But she asked me to lay on the bed on my stomach and stick my butt up. She picked up the stick in her hand.

Friends, I know what will happen. I fell on her legs and begged not to, but she did not listen. I reluctantly bent over the bed and braced myself for the impact, and she landed that stupid stick on my butt very hard. It was the most pain I ever had in my life till then.

She gave me ten strikes with it, and with each strike, I experienced hell. After she was done, she rubbed my butt and applied some cream. She asked me not to repeat this behavior and to complete my homework on time.

Have you been spanked or given spankings to a bare bottom?

Yes, when I was around 13, I was over at my friend’s house. She had a hidden vape, so we took turns to smoke it. Her mum walked in on us and told my friend and me that she was disappointed in us. She grounded my friend for a week, and that was that. My friend’s mum called my mum to come pick me up and explain the situation.

My mum thanked her for calling her and dragged me to the car. She swatted me a few times on the bottom on the way to the car, but I knew that would be nothing compared to my spanking when I got home. She scolded me, saying I should know better than that and would get it.

My heart sank when we pulled up to my house. She told me to wait for her in the living room. After waiting hours, my mum came in with a hairbrush. She pulled me over her lap and started spanking me on my panties. She bared my bottom after about 35 spanks and then spanked my bare bottom with the hairbrush.

Tears streamed down my face as she smacked my bare, red bottom. After about 70 spanks, she told me to stand in the corner with my panties and jeans at my ankles. I had to stand there for 2 hours. It was a rough punishment.

For anyone who has been spanked, did you have to stand in the corner with your bare bottom displayed before or after a spanking?

Yes, I have. One day, I went outside without telling anyone, even though my parents told me to. My mom figured out and took me to my room. She didn’t yell; she just told me what I did was unacceptable but that she would forgive me after I took my punishment. I bent over her lap, and she pulled down my skirt. She started smacking me not too hard… 

I was not in a very kind mood, so I pretended I didn’t care. She noticed and told me she needed to give me a more harsh punishment. I held my breath and widened my eyes as she pulled down my panties. She took a slipper from her foot and started spanking me hard. 

I shrieked! That went on for another 25 minutes. My bottom was red as a ruby after she was done with me. My face was red too! She hugged me and told me that she loved me. After calmed down, I started worrying about what my dad would do. Going outside without telling anyone was the number one thing my dad hated. 

I was really worried that he might give me a spanking, too. My mom told me she would explain… When my dad got home, my mom explained. My mom didn’t finish her sentence because my dad took me by the ear into the shed. My mom chased after. My dad pulled me over his lap and started spanking me with his hand. 

I yelped! My mom ran in and pulled his hand away from my bottom. After everything had calmed down. My sister came home from her ballet studio. My mom had told me two days ago that if I teased my sister when she got home, I would get spanked. 

Sure enough, that day, I forgot. But because I had already gotten a spanking that day, my mom made me take off my skirt and panties and stand in the kitchen corner so my sister could examine my bottom. 

I WAS HUMILIATED! And for a whole week, my name became Ruby Butt. Spankings sometimes work, but sometimes they ruin someone’s week.

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What’s your view on bare-bottom spanking?

I was horsing around with my daughter (aged 15) and jokingly swatted her butt with a magazine in my hand. She stopped, turned around, looked me in the eye, and said, “Daddy, don’t do that.”

I apologized, and she accepted – because it was the first time I did that, and it will be the last time too. And I was proud of myself – for having taught her that anybody touching her at any inappropriate spot was wrong to do so, and she had the full authority to stop them on the spot, with no equivocation.

I did this by ensuring that even when I disciplined her, I never humiliated her. Spanking is not disciplining; it’s a show of the power of parent over child, just like any other type of hitting is, but spanking also humiliates. Bare bottom spanking is nothing but humiliation in heaped spoonfuls.

If you want your child to stand up to bullies and know the difference between being corrected and being abused, you should begin at home. Don’t normalize hitting, and don’t normalize humiliation, and you have shown them right from wrong.

If not, don’t be puzzled why your child is confused when s/he faces abuse in the outside world.

Yes, I have been spanked on my bare bottom once.

My first experience of being spanked bare-bottomed was four years ago, when I was 13 years old, by my boyfriend at the time’s mum.

My boyfriend and I were laughing and talking loudly, and his mum came up the stairs, told us to be quiet, and walked out of the room. Me and my boyfriend didn’t oblige and started to play fighting. His mum repeatedly told us that this was our final warning to stop or we would receive a spanking. 

Despite this, we continued, and in about half an hour, she came into the room and told us to come downstairs. She went, but I said no, so she grabbed my wrist and dragged me down the stairs. She said that my spanking would be increased for my defiance and that my boyfriend was first and told me to stand in the corner of the room with my nose against the wall.

My boyfriend was then taken into the living room for his punishment. After about ten minutes, he screamed and cried, and I could hear every swat. It continued for about half an hour. His mum and my boyfriend then came into the room where I was standing, and he was still crying. 

She then told me it was my turn, and I was very scared because I had never been spanked. I told her I was scared, and she said I should have thought about it before behaving like I did and that when young ladies are naughty, they deserve to be punished for their misbehaviors.

She then took me into the living room and told me to pull my panties down to my ankles and stand there while she got out her hairbrush. She then sat on the sofa and pulled me over her knees so my head, arms, and legs were suspended, and only my stomach and waist were supported. 

Have you been spanked or given spankings to a bare bottom?

She flipped up my skirt and gave me a harsh swat on the bottom, and I screamed in pain. She told me to count each hit, and I screamed each time, and I counted 50, and then she gave me some fast seats, and I thought it was over. 

However, this was different. She got her hairbrush and told me I would receive the same punishment again, but with the wooden brush. I started to cry and pleaded with her to stop there and that I had learned my lesson, but she said that I needed a harsh punishment so that I would never act in that disrespectful manner again and that I shouldn’t have been a naughty girl if I didn’t want to be punished. 

She then swung the brush, and it hit me harshly. I was in so much pain that I yelped. She hit me 50 times, and I was a crying mess by the end of the punishment.

When my mum came to pick me up from his house, his mum told my mum that I had been extremely naughty and that she had to spank both me and my boyfriend. When I got home, my mum sent me to my room and told me I was grounded for six months.

I never acted in this way again.

Have you been spanked or given spankings to a bare bottom?

When I was 14, I went on a camping school trip. We got to pick who our groups of 6 were, and I was in a group with my best friends.

One of my friends snuck in some cigarettes and a lighter. Of course, at this age, we thought we were all cool for this. We all lit the cigarettes inside our tent and smoked them, then after, we would hide them and throw them in the river.

My dumbass accidentally lit the tent on fire, and we all ran out and tried to blow it out. My teacher came, and she was furious. Fortunately, she was able to stop it. However, we were in A LOT of trouble, and our parents were called to pick us up.

I was almost expelled but got a week’s suspension instead. When I went home, I knew my fate. My mother told me to go to my room; this meant I would be spanked.

I waited around 20 minutes as she calmed herself down until my mom came in with a long paddle with holes. She sat on my bed and explained to me calmly why and how I was receiving this punishment. I was told to bare my bottom and go over her knee. I reluctantly did.

“Any resisting of your punishment will result in more swatts.”

Have you been spanked or given spankings to a bare bottom?

Something like this. Then, my punishment was around 35 paddlings. By the time it finished, I was crying and was sent to the corner.

Conclusion – Have you been spanked or given spankings to a bare bottom?

Absolutely. These bare-bottom spankings include using wooden spoons, leather belts, canes, or paddles. The spanking usually begins with 40–60 hand spankings over the panties. From there, a wooden spoon will be applied on my bare bottom between 50–100 times, depending on the severity of my disobedience.

If I have batted intentionally or misbehaved and broken the rules, a belt or cane will be used 10–20 times. I’m usually very well-behaved, but I do occasionally deserve these spankings.

I’ve been spanked plenty of times, but I’ve only spanked a few kids I babysit whose parents instructed me to. I’ll tell you some of the worst. One time, one of the kids I was babysitting got written up on the bus for swearing, being disrespectful, and being defiant. 

I was on the bus, a student, too, and I informed her she would be getting spanked when we got home. When we got home, she got put over my knee for ten minutes on the bare with my hand and ten minutes with the hair brush. She also had to put her nose to the wall with her red bottom on display.

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Have you been spanked or given spankings to a bare bottom?

 Her mom gave her one to remember when she got home with the belt. Once, a toddler called me a bitch after getting out of the pool, which she knows is a bad word; I sat down on the deck, took her over my knee, and bared her bottom. 

She got my hand until she bawled, then several minutes of the fly swatter. The goal was just a sting since she was a toddler and her bottom was already wet from the pool. One time, three kids I was sitting with spent the whole day being disrespectful and defiant. 

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I spent hours arguing about them needing to clean their room. I brought them into the living room, where they removed their pants and undies, and they took turns bent over the arm of the couch to get the belt.

Have you been spanked or given spankings to a bare bottom?

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