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Why is bestiality illegal?

Why is bestiality illegal

Why is bestiality illegal?

The legacy reason: people develop moral rules that accommodate our evolutionary pressures. We typically incorporate them as eternal or religious values. That’s not terrible: sex with siblings causes inbreeding, exclusive male homosexuality ends an entire family branch, bestiality leads to cross-species infections, etc.

Technology changes a lot of this. We aren’t at risk of going extinct anytime soon due to the underpopulation; siblings can marry without any risks of producing children, etc. Contemporary and ancient prohibitions: pedophilia and bestiality remain taboo.


It has to do with informed consent. Conservative traditionalists, like liberal idealists, cannot allow for dogma-contradicting information. The “ought” always comes before the “is” with unbending idealists. So, the fact (in this case) that it has little to do with the slippery slope and is more concerned with informed consent is almost always ignored.

This is the rub. The religious homophobe needs to catastrophize homosexuality and needs there to be a slippery slope. “One day soon, the homosexual peephole will come for your children!” Only this ignores the reality: more children have been raped by heterosexual males than all the gay child-raping people in all of history. But we don’t ban heterosexuality because not only is that stupid, it also ignores vital nuance.

A child and an animal cannot possibly express informed consent. They cannot possibly understand the nuance of a marriage contract. They cannot possibly understand the full complexity that a healthy adult can comprehend. Our laws protect the helpless far better than 100 years ago, when Catholic priests could rape children with impunity or when a girl could be raped by her cousin and the family would hide it due to shame about the girl’s disgrace and not the man who raped her.

Bestiality is illegal because animal torture is illegal. Animals cannot comprehend and give consent. Humans are barred from this activity because, besides the torture to the animal, every major plague that has wiped out huge chunks of our population has done so via the animals we keep as company. Influenza, small pox, cholera, toxoplasmosis, rabies, Hanta, malaria, BSE, HIV, Typhus, Measles, and Yellow Fever.

Why is bestiality illegal?

The reason bestiality is illegal nearly everywhere in the world is that societies have chosen not to accept it as a sanctioned or protected sexual act. We feel the same way about pedophilia. In the US, we changed our mind about accepting same-sex unions because marriage is an act of informed consent between two individuals of legal age who make a contract with one another.

You cannot make the “consent argument” when it comes to animals and humans because animals cannot make informed consent, meaning that one understands the consequences of one’s decisions. If I offer a treat to a child or a dog because I want to have sex with him or her, the child or the dog will consent to accept the treat but will have no idea what my intentions are or what the outcome might be. It’s consent, but not informed consent.

As a person who specializes in bestiality research, I can also tell you that bestiality is not a victimless crime. Even when animals appear not to be physically harmed, they have been behaviorally altered. So has humanity, for that matter. Sexually exploited animals are much harder to adopt; are often prone to medical problems such as pyometra, urinary tract infections, and constipation; and often respond in atypical ways that may result in an unsuccessful re-homing.

So the reason bestiality is illegal is that it’s not a valid contract between consenting adults, and the reason it’s deplorable is that as adults, we have a responsibility to care for those who cannot care for themselves, like children and domesticated animals. We choose to bring both beings into our lives, and from that moment on, we have a legal, moral, ethical, and logical imperative to care for them.

Is bestiality illegal?

UK answer.

We are an animal-loving nation, but not in that way; bestiality is illegal, as is watching films depicting bestiality. I believe it is legal in Germany. Thanks to research, bestiality has not been legal in Germany since 2013.

Bestiality is specifically illegal in 49 of the 50 US states and most European countries. In states where there is not a specific prohibition, animal cruelty laws generally apply if the animal is injured. Many smaller countries do not have animal welfare laws at all, but this is gradually changing. On the issue of consent, in the US, bestiality laws are based on the animal’s well-being; consent does not factor into U.S. laws at all (unlike human sexual abuse cases).

According to Kelly Garner, animals do mount humans on occasion. It can be lethal when a larger animal, such as an elk, antelope, or horse, attempts to do that. It would depend on the situation as to whether a person was sued in such an instance (for example, if the person being mounted trespassed on the property where the animal was living).

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Why is bestiality illegal?

Bestiality, also known as zoophilia, is the act of engaging in sexual activities with animals. Laws regarding bestiality vary by jurisdiction, but many countries and regions have enacted laws that criminalize such behavior. There are several reasons why bestiality is considered illegal in many places:

  1. Animal Welfare: Engaging in sexual activities with animals is generally regarded as a form of animal abuse. Animals cannot provide informed consent for such acts, and they may suffer physical and psychological harm as a result. Laws against bestiality are often intended to protect the welfare and well-being of animals.
  2. Public Morality: Society often considers certain behaviors to be incompatible with accepted moral standards. Bestiality is widely viewed as morally unacceptable in many cultures, and laws reflect societal norms and values. Criminalizing bestiality is seen as a way to maintain public morality and prevent behaviors that are deemed socially inappropriate.
  3. Public Health Concerns: Engaging in sexual activities with animals can pose health risks, including the transmission of zoonotic diseases (diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans). Banning bestiality helps mitigate potential public health concerns.
  4. Legal Consistency: Many legal systems prohibit sexual acts with animals to maintain consistency in the treatment of different forms of sexual abuse. This consistency aligns with broader legal principles related to consent and the prevention of harm.
  5. Ethical Considerations: The ethical concerns surrounding bestiality are often rooted in the idea that animals deserve to be treated with respect and should not be subjected to sexual exploitation.

It’s important to note that laws can vary significantly between jurisdictions, and the legal status of bestiality may change over time. The reasons mentioned above generally reflect the ethical, moral, and legal principles that underpin the prohibition of bestiality in many places.

Why isn’t bestiality legal if it’s between two consenting adults?

Because animals, not being sapient, can’t consent? If animals can “consent” to sex, why can’t they “consent” to entering into legal contracts? Simple: because they lack the capacity to do so.

When you struggle to understand something about sex, it can be helpful to take sex out of the equation and see how your reasoning plays out in non-sexual situations.

Bestiality is not between two consenting adults; it’s between a person and an animal. There are two main reasons why it’s illegal: 1) The animal cannot give informed consent, and 2) it’s unacceptable in most societies, and common laws generally prohibit unacceptable conduct.

Sex between two consenting adults is generally legal unless it can (or does) result in serious physical injury or death, or it’s prohibited by religion or cultural norms (e.g., in countries where sex outside of marriage is strictly prohibited).

Why is bestiality a crime?

All the points you made are pertinent. The only reason I see is that sex is a taboo subject in most parts of the world, and lawmakers cringe at the prospect of arguing the ethics of bestiality. To keep animal rights activists off their backs, they make it illegal. Maybe one or two drunk guys get caught fucking the dog on the road, but for most of the time, the law will be quite unenforceable.

I’m sure that some Dane farmer somewhere just finished having sex with his beloved goat and is telling her about the silliness of the government trying to come between them. I don’t feel particularly sorry for the goat. I guess the goat gets better food from him. The farmer’s wife is worse off.

Why is it illegal? I would say that it is because, as with many things of a sexual nature, people have strong opinions. Usually, such people use their religious-based beliefs to decide what is and is not acceptable. And they then seek to impose their moral judgement on the majority.

As to the idea of consent, this is a red herring. Society, in general, doesn’t give one whit for an ox’s or horse’s consent as we yoke it to pull a wagon, a cow’s opinion as we milk it, a chicken’s desires as we steal its eggs, or a pigs emotions while we partake of its bacon. Pure and simple, prohibitions on bestiality are based on moral judgement.

What are your thoughts on bestiality?

This is a very basic question and therefore it is hard to give a good answer for. First of all how do you define beastiality , and why do you think it is good or bad? There are definitely risks to beastiality, to both parties, such as injury to genitalia or other parts of the body. You could contract a disease from an animal. Is beastiality in all cases animal abuse? If the person respects the animal and takes precautions should it be legal in the privacy of their own home, just like any other sexual act?

Humans have engaged in beastiality since our earliest days, it’s on cave paintings, depicted in statues and stories, and there at many acounts of beastiality throughout history across the world. Perhaps the desire to have relations outside of your is a biological phenomenon and while rare in natural in our species. Read some scientific papers on the subject to get a better understanding of beastiality, think carefully and then you can decide how you feel about it.

People have said that homosexuality is unnatural, but we have since discovered that it is in fact natural and perhaps beneficial to a species. I am in no way saying that this is the case for beastiality but it may be something to consider. If it a consenting adult that understands the risks and dangers, and will take steps to prevent them, and is in the privacy of their own home, doesn’t commit animal abuse, then (while I still may find it strange or gross) I believe that it should be legal.

This is a very open-ended question, making it difficult to answer. From a legal point of view (POV) bestiality is considered a criminal act in jurisdictions all over the world – so my thoughts are that it’s bad for society as well as the animal. From a psychological POV, it’s considered a paraphilia and a potential mental health problem – so my thoughts are that illness is a sort of disability that should be medically treated by professionals and sanctioned differently by the courts. And from a sociological POV, bestiality is generally taboo and for that reason is often not talked about, researched, or handled appropriately – so my thoughts are that we need to fix that by developing a better understanding of why it happens.

Is animal pornography (bestiality) illegal everywhere in the world?

Let get terms down. Zoophilia is sexual fixation by humans on (living) non-human animals. Bestiality is a sexual act between humans and non-human animals that is willing and not done for a non-sexual purpose seen as legitimate such as research, animal husbandry, etc. Pornography is the portrayal of sexual matter for purposes of sexual arousal, shock, or lurid entertainment.

Bestiality is illegal most or all places in the world, either for reasons of animal cruelty and exploitation, for religions or moral grounds, or simply because it is a taboo that most people find disturbing. Pornographic photos and videos of acts of bestiality are sometimes illegal merely that it is evidence that bestiality has occurred, or on separate grounds of being obscene (which is pornography that is particularly offensive to community moral standards, and/or that has no redeeming value as art, expression, commentary, approved entertainment, news, etc).

In some countries such as the US that place high value on freedom of expression, and do not permit punishment for crimes of thought if there are no actual victims, pornographic acts involving animals (or children, or rape, etc) are not punishable if they are written accounts, fictitious, simulated, or otherwise did not occur, nor is a proclivity to commit a sex crime (being a zoophile) punishable unless acted on. Other countries sometimes have laws against cartoons, and fictional or non-fiction written accounts, as well as for being a sexual deviant.

Why it’s illegal affects punishment. If it were merely to punish an illegal act, only the performers and perhaps the camera operator, director, and others involved in a film or photographic production would be doing something illegal. If it’s anti-exploitation or on moral obscenity grounds, distributors such as website operators, people who give or sell it to each other, and people who merely possess or watch the material may be committing crimes.

Is bestiality legal in China?

China doesn’t have any law about bestiality. If you have sex with animals, you may be accused by other people. But it won’t break any law. It’s just a moral issue.


The purpose of the law is to reflect morality. Morality is a claim of truth regarding what is “good” versus “evil.”. Athiests and evolutionists have no grounds for making any truth claims; everything is meaningless without objectivity and God. They have no ability to make an intellectually consistent argument for why sex with animals is morally reprehensible and should be punished by law. If they do so, they contradict the notion that the universe is a naturally forming substance formed by random chance over billions of years and that humans evolved from fish.

From a biblically accurate Christian worldview, the answer is simple. Human sex is between a married man and woman. Anything else is immoral and should be punished by human law if it is to be consistent with God’s law.

From the Christian worldview, humans were created in the image of God to have dominion over animals while also caring for them (Proverbs 12:10). From an evolutionary perspective, you are just another animal. A coherent argument for why you should care for other animals or not have sex with them cannot be made.

Consent and diseases. Animals could very well have sexually transmitted diseases that our human bodies are not used to. Also, for humans, sex is an act used for pleasure or enjoyment. In animals, sex is for procreation almost solely. So we are taking advantage of their desire to reproduce for our own pleasure. Very messed up. They can’t consent because they don’t understand.

Why is bestiality illegal?

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