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Why are Filipino women disproportionately beautiful?

Why are Filipino women disproportionately beautiful?

Why are Filipino women disproportionately beautiful?

We love petite young Filipino women, and Filipino women take care of their families very well, are resourceful, and are very fond of their children. That is why we love them, along with Vietnamese women too. Filipino women love cooking; they always know how to cook good food.

Filipino women flirt well and are very talkative, and when something happens in town, for example, you will know soon. Filipino women are loyal to their boyfriends or husbands and best of all, Filipino women can smile even if it is a bad day and it is contagious, you will feel better

I am sharing my experience with them; yours may vary.

The answer is pure and simple. The Philippines was under the Spanish regime for more than 300 years, and the United States for quite some time, as well as the Japanese. Also, there were American naval and air force bases in the Philippines for many years. Due to these facts, there were lots of enterracial or intercultural marriages that produced mixed-blood offspring called mestizo or mestiza, mostly good-looking, beautiful, and talented children.

Aside from this, most Filipinos speak English, which is a universal language, so it is easy for foreigners to speak and understand them. Most Filipinas were raised by their parents or family to be graceful, respectful, demure, understanding, resilient, hardworking, and accommodating with their future partners in life. These qualities make them alluring. Most Filipinas have natural beauty. they don’t even need to use make up to enhance their looks. ‘I hope this helps! GOD bless!

What are the most desirable traits of Filipino women and why foreigners get attracted to them?

I’m a Filipina.These are my honest answers:

  1. Feminine,meeker when speaking and polite and respectful, those who live in NCR uses “po” and “opo”.
  2. Conservative,traditional and religious.
  3. Family-oriented
  4. Mostly are loyal and to exaggerate are faithful.We value virginity. We are mostly Roman Catholics, the Ten Commandments says opposition to premarital and extramarital sex. It is believed that Virginity is the greatest gift a wife can give to her husband.
  5. We are simple, logical and initiative (madiskarte).
  6. We aren’t much materialistic.
  7. We value self-respect,dignity and pride.
  8. Educated Filipinas aren’t after your MONEY or GREEN CARD, she is after true love and companion, Filipino men are mostly douchebags nowadays so we got fed up and don’t entertain them as they are mostly lazy and physically abusive.
  9. We value commitment.
  10. We are mostly monogamous.
  11. We prefer natural beauties.
  12. We are addicted to make our skin lighter,whiter and fairer because we have been brainwashed by the media that white means beautiful.
  13. We are sweet and caring if you treat us good and well.We reciprocate more than 10 times.
  14. Resilient.
  15. There are too many to mention.

Why are Filipino women disproportionately beautiful?

Some are, some aren’t. I’ve seen lots of not-so-pretty ones, believe me. I don’t think Filipinas are particularly beautiful compared to other nationalities.

For every Liza Soberano, there are 100 or 1,000 of these:

Same as anywhere else.

Having plastic surgery is the trend in the Philippines, especially with celebrities and even the poor. Plastic surgery in the Philippines is affordable, and then they have the injection, lotion, etc. to achieve a light complexion. They’re not very proud of the skin they were born with.

Why are Filipino women so beautiful and desirable?

I’m a Filipina. Indeed, we are all beautiful in our own respective physical attributes, but beauty still depends on the eye of the beholder.

Behold and lo!

What does Kenny say in the intro to South Park

What makes Filipina women appealing to foreigners?

I cannot say we are faithful because that does not apply to all. As for myself, I am indeed a monogamous person; I value loyalty and exaggerate faithfulness, and I also demand the same from my partner, lover, or spouse. I would like to take good care of and love my boyfriend or future husband the best possible way I can, as long as it’s not a one-sided effort, or else I’m just going to walk away and move on. I would rather stay single than be taken for granted.

Are we feminine? Yes, we are.

Are we wife material? Not all.Some are GOLD-DIGGERS masquerading behind their sweet, alluring voice, batting eyes, pucking lips,sexy curves, and manipulative psychological strategy. Beware, and don’t be foggy!

I highly advise you to find and choose a well-mannered and educated one who isn’t just after the goddamn money and greener pastures and who will stick with you through thick and thin. Thanks for reading.

Why are Filipino women disproportionately beautiful?

This question is very subjective because beauty depends on the eye of the beholder. And what’s beautiful for someone isn’t necessarily beautiful for other people.

As a Filipina, I think this question does not really focus much on physical attributes but on the overall package of a Filipina, like cultural orientation and a pleasant personality.

Truth be told, Filipino women aren’t really endowed much on physical appearance, like women from other races. We are kind of beautiful, yeah, but not really that striking compared to other women from Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, Spain, or the Latinas. But we have our own allure that sets us apart from the rest.

For example, in beauty pageants, Filipinas often excel better than the other nationalities deemed more attractive than them. We won the most crowns in Miss Universe (4), next to the USA and Venezuela. If you watch Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, etc., most often than not, the Philippines always breaks into the Top 10.

In these beauty pageants, women are judged according to beauty, intellect, personality, and just cause. And the Philippines is a top contender.

Why are Filipino women disproportionately beautiful?

Miss Universe 2018: Catriona Gray

Why are Filipino women disproportionately beautiful?

Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach

Why are Filipino women disproportionately beautiful?

Miss Universe 1973, Margie Moran

Why are Filipino women disproportionately beautiful?

Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz

Like I said, Filipinas aren’t really physically beautiful, especially the majority of the population. Although some women are really a thing of beauty by Hollywood standards, most are simple and aren’t vain, compared to Koreans and Chinese. In the Philippines, most women look natural and don’t undergo plastic surgery, which is a common thing, especially in East Asia. Nowadays, Chinese and Korean women look really physically beautiful because they really take good care of their physical appearance and spend money, even taking out loans, just so they can fix their physical imperfections and look impeccable.

Filipinas aren’t really that crazy over physical perfection yet, although plastic surgery is slowly getting popular. But for now, it is only a luxury that only the rich can afford.

What Filipino women are crazy over, though, is skin-whitening products like lotion, cream, etc. In the Philippines, if you have white skin, even if you don’t really look that attractive, you are automatically perceived as beautiful. This is a colonial mentality that stems from the Philippines long history of colonization by Western imperialist countries.

But for foreigners, though, the Filipina’s beautiful brown skin and tanned complexion are a thing of beauty. They find these physical attributes highly attractive. The more exotic a Filipina looks, the more attractive she is to foreign men.

But I think what sets Filipino women apart from the other races is their personality. Filipinos, in general, are easy to get along with and fun to hang out with. I think we are the happiest people on Earth, and we share this happiness with the people around us.

I worked as a teacher in international schools in Thailand, Myanmar, and China, and the locals always prefer to make friends and hang out with Filipinos more than other nationalities. We are fun to be around and are really nice people. Most of all, we aren’t imposing.

Foreign men who married Filipinas aren’t really crazy about how physically beautiful their wives are, but how beautiful their hearts are. Filipinas are generally genuine in building relationships, caring, loving, and very family-oriented. Plus, the sense of humor and cheerful personality make life way easier and more fun.

I’m not saying, though, that all Filipinas are good. Of course, there are also bad apples. But when you compare it to the Chinese or Thais, who are more practical when it comes to relationships where money is the determining factor, Filipinas are more modest. The percentage of gold diggers in its population is way, way lower. If you find yourself a good Filipina wife, you have hit the jackpot.

As someone who has come to other countries for work and tourism, I’ve been hit by several foreign men. And when they know I’m a Filipina, I’ll often hear them say, “Oh, Filipinas are beautiful.” I don’t really look exotic, though, and I’ve been told by a lot of foreigners (white, Asian, and black) that I am a very attractive person. I guess my beauty is universal. 😂

Why are Filipina women after all the white guys?

The question should be “Why are white guys after all the Filipino women?.”

My answer to this question is -Not many Filipino women divorce their husbands when their husbands run out of money.Many Filipino women are content with a simple life.A life that most women in the world aren’t content with.When it comes to marriage with a white person just to have a white offspring,that is BS.Not all mixed Filipinos appeared more white.I can say they are exotic and one of the beautiful mixed race in the world.

Here is what my Filipina told me 1) many of the Filipino guys are gay 2) many are drunks or almost considered alcoholics 3) many have been babied since birth and are immature and don’t act manly and they want the woman to provide for them instead of working together to make a family 4) they want the wife to deal with all of life’s problems by theirselves. 5) expects the wife to treat them like mommy did 6) they love to cheat and chase after other woman and can’t stay faithful. These are a few things my wife mentioned to me why she wanted a foreigner.

LOL! Bragging again of their white skin. Until now you white men haven’t realized those Pinay fans of the white man are just leeching and bleeding you. Some of them are women with many children from different fathers and are being avoided by Filipino males and you will still marry them. It’s even rare that I see educated and professional Pinays married to white men.

Have you ever had sex with a Filipino girl? If yes, then what’s your story?

Yes and I will be honest she had one of the best feeling vaginas.. very tight and she had two children .. and best feeling to the touch with my fingers.. .. it was perfectly shaped .. they are super nice too which is far more important .. honestly I would have married her if I knew then what I know now in terms of culture. M and how pleasant Filipinas are… and they love having sex which makes it even more enjoyable .. she was so into it she was licking my teeth .. if your a bigger white guy super easy to give them multi orgasm.. …when your young you just don’t appreciate the finer things in life.

Filipinas are widely considered to be the most promiscuous women on the planet. It is sooo easy to get laid in the Philippines. Girls will drop their panties within 10 minutes of saying hello. They are intrigued by the size of foreign cock as the average Filipino cock is only 2 inches long. They also think they can get a foreign husband after knowing them for 30 minutes. It’s like hello mister, let’s go to your hotel to have sex and then let’s get married!

Filipinas of any age are up for it. They have no morals. They will have sex with everyone. If you’re a foreigner, you are expected to take her on a date and give her “taxi” money after having sex with her. If a Filipina meets a foreigner, then sex is a given on the first date, or perhaps even in the first 10 minutes

Men who travel to the Phillipines and have casual sex or paid for it. In my case I dated a Filipina in the US, she was born in the US. I had heard they were great in bed and were tight, and i was excited. She was very nice, marriage material and smart as fuck. But honestly the sex was the worst I ever had. It started out bad when she took off her clothes and I realize her boobs were totally exaggerated by a push up bra and she was probably an A or B size. And even the first time it was like fucking a mannequin and we were in our 20s!

The stereotype was half right; she was not a virgin but extremely tight (I’m a bit above average size and actually thought it was a wrong-hole situation initially). Minimal moaning, almost silent. She had an orgasm and then said in a monotone voice “I had mine, now your turn”. When I was about to come she again asked in the same monotone voice “where do you want to come?”. Dated for a little while but the bad sex was enough to look past all her positive traits and that steel trap pussy of hers.

I’ve had sex with maybe 7–8 Filipinas both in the Philipines and Canada over the last 3 years. I am 66 years old in reasonably good shape, but not a George Clooney by any stretch. Their ages ranged from 23 to 45 ish. I have never paid for sex. They all claim to be religious, but that doesn’t include sex. I got all of them into bed on either the first or second date.

One waited until the second date to prove I was “sincere”. In terms of beauty, these girls ranged from a 6 to a solid 8+, a couple with university education. Seems that many Filipinas are not into oral sex…giving or receiving. I get the sense they feel it is dirty. Some are very accommodating and will try anything you ask, as often as you want to please you.

Others give back as little as possible. If you are nice to them….buy them dinner, open door for them, treat them with respect and be considerate, they seem to just be thrilled. A few fall in love very quickly, others seem to be okay with a few casual dates. I met two online and they joined me on vacation site unseen….both very attractive, pleasant and sexually accommodating.

They were both interested in long term, but the age and distance was not practical, but they made for a very memorable vacation and I keep in tough. All of them have financial challenges to varying degrees, but none ever asked me for money. However, if you offer to give them some taxi, spending money or more, they will take it in a heart beat. That’s my story. I have not met a Filipina that I would be interested in for a LTR, but they are a lot of fun to be with, and easy to please.

When I was 19 years old I worked for night audit at a hotel. The security guard there was an older gentleman in his late 50s. He was a scumbag and always hitting on me and I was pregnant.

He had recently dated a Filipino woman and she had four kids. He was explaining to me how he told her that although she’s tiny, she has the biggest vagina (very roomy). I cannot believe he told her that.

Anyways, any vagina can stretch and stay stretched if it has had many children. As the story goes, Asian women’s vaginas are sideways and tighter…Unfortunately, the truth is it is only just a little tighter and not enough for a man to tell. Most of the excitement men achieve is from the fantasy of sleeping with a tiny exotic Asian woman. The secret to a tighter vagina would be youth and muscle tone, but vaginas can be enjoyed at any age and any size.

If you have regular sex with a Filipino or Asian woman and you’re not in love with her, you’re just going to get bored like you would with any other woman and probably develop ED. If you’re in love and have that emotional connection to your Filipino or Asian woman, then the sex will be great, just as it would be with an American woman, or any woman from any nationality. Being in love with a woman, feeling loved, felling secure and developing a deep connection is what makes the magic happen. Don’t be like the pervy security guard that was still running around single at 58, hitting on pregnant 19 year olds at work.

How do you tell if a Filipina really loves you?

I am not sure if you have a relationship now with a Filipina or are just planning to find one. As I am of the old school, this is how I love my man. You will notice that my answer differs from a young woman because of different values:

  1. She will shower you with love
  2. Caring & affectionate
  3. she will be honest in her true feelings for you
  4. will stay honest and loyal throughout the relationship
  5. you are her first priority
  6. she will respect your decisions and ideas and will try to compromise to reach an agreement on a certain issue or to arrive at a win-win solution
  7. she will try to understand you if there’s any concern or will listen and try to see your point of view
  8. will try to learn how to cook your favorite food
  9. will adjust herself/bend backward to meet and do the things that you like to do so that you will be doing them together and to have a great time
  10. you will always have her full attention
  11. However, she would expect the same thing that she is giving you, most of all, open communication and honesty in the relationship because she will be faithful for she is a one-man woman

Surefire Signs That Filipina Likes You

Proof of love goes beyond nationality…so the same as women everywhere, if a Filipina really loves you, you would see her sticking by your side through times of adversity. She will show genuine happiness when you are together. She will have utmost patience and tolerance for your faults. She will try and adjust herself to suit your preference, and work towards a more harmonious relationship with you.

You will have a sense that she likes you, for yourself alone, and not to benefit from you materially. You may fall into bad times, wont be able to provide for her or your family as a partner, and she will still be there for you….even working double-jobs to meet the income gap. She will happily introduce you to friends and family and be proud about your relationship. Your gut tells you that you can trust her.

We Filipinas like to play it subtle when we like someone — which is why it can be hard to tell if we’re friendly or flirty. But if you haven’t clued in on whether a Filipina likes you or not, here are a few telltale signs:

1. She dotes on you

When it comes to the people they like, Filipinas are eager to please. A Filipina’s love language is often expressed through acts of service, so don’t be surprised if she starts cooking meals for you.

2. She Introduces You To Her Family

It won’t be long before a Filipina introduces you to her family if she truly likes you.

Just to clarify, we don’t do this to seek our parent’s approval. It’s more of a courtesy than anything else. Some Filipino families, like mine, often keep each other in the loop by updating each other on our lives.

3. She Starts To Laugh At All Your Jokes

This sign can get a little bit confusing at first.

Filipino humor is a different breed of humor in a sense that it likes to poke fun at ourselves and joke about misfortunes. We find humor in the littlest things.

So how can you tell if a Filipina likes you if she finds everything funny? It depends on your joke, really.

Filipino humor is an acquired skill. Though Filipinos are a humorous bunch, pleasing them with a few corny jokes won’t be easy. So if she cracks a nut at your dad jokes, you’ll know she’s into you.

4. No Matter How Bad You Treat Her She Just Won’t Go Away

That doesn’t mean you should though.

When a Filipina likes someone, we zero in on all the good qualities they have. Even the most headstrong of Filipinas can overlook the worst traits of her object of affection. We’re quite stubborn when it comes to the things we find worth fighting for.

5. She Asks You Out

If a Filipina invites you out (without her friends) to check out a new restaurant that just opened, she’s probably trying to get you to take a hint.

That’s a tactic few of us use when we’re too scared to ask you out upfront. Doing it the roundabout way at least gives the guy we like an idea that we enjoy their time. Because deep down inside, we secretly hope just maybe, the guy we like would consider going out with us.

It’s a foolproof plan for Filipinas. We don’t lose our friendship AND we get to go out with the person we like.

6. She Talks About You To Her Friends

Whether it’s good or bad, we can’t avoid gossip when Filipinos are involved. In fact, we joke about how Filipinas gather and chismis (which is a Filipina term for gossip) on a frequent basis.

Gossip sessions between Filipinas often include work-related issues, family drama and you guessed it — love life. If you do somehow end up as the topic of their conversation, that probably means she thinks of you frequently.

What are the most desirable traits of Filipino women and why foreigners get attracted to them?

Every person is unique, so these are ONLY generalizations. Most likely, couples have a reason they got attracted to each other that’s not on this list.

  1. Having traditional feminine qualities. I will probably get flak for saying this, but many “foreign” men (i.e. non-Filipino) especially Western men, get attracted to Filipinas and other Asian women because they are perceived to retain virtues traditionally associated with women. These may be seen as lacking in modern American (and other Western) women.
  2. Being loyal to one’s family. Filipinas can and do make sacrifices for their families, and they DO (usually) consider their husbands as the head of the family. How easily do you find that in the West? And yes, there are those who interpret that as inferiority, submissiveness and weakness.
  3. Unafraid to be playful, friendly and at times, flirty. I think in American society, people are so guarded (wary of being charged with harassment or of treating others as sex objects?) that they are too scared to flirt with the opposite sex most of the time. It’s scary even to pay someone a compliment for their looks. Filipinas have an innocence and openness that is so refreshing to foreign men. That doesn’t mean we will sleep with the first white guy they see; it is just a friendly curiosity.
  4. Being hospitable, patient, spiritual, giving, kind, etc. The list goes on. Maybe it comes in part from growing up in a poor country. We are used to suffering and helping one another.
  5. Self-effacing sense of humor .We like to laugh and tell jokes ALL the time. Why? It’s seen us through the hardest of times, that’s why. And we’re easygoing by nature.

By the way, the idea of Filipinas all being sex kittens is mere fantasy. It is simply not true. However I can say that we are unashamed of our sexual nature and we do enjoy the ability to please the men we love. We do not apologize for being feminine, or for feeling good when others admire us. I think that is another reason why foreigners are attracted to Asian women.

Also, traditional Filipinas are not “weak” or “mindless servants” (this is so hilarious) as anyone married to one would tell you. Traditional Filipina women are some of the strongest, wisest women there are. A man who goes to marry a Filipina with that sort of expectation is going to be in for a surprise. LOL

No, I’m not bragging that my people are perfect. Oh, I could come up with a list of our own flaws. But that wasn’t part of your question.

Hope this helps.

Why are Filipino women very beautiful?

Obviously, this topic is very subjective, so that must be acknowledged first. I will state what I have found.

In the Philippines, I tend to find that around 80% of the celebrities aren’t that good-looking. Sure, I wouldn’t call them bad-looking (but certainly their appearance shouldn’t warrant how people in the Philippines fawn over them at least). This is how I see it.

You see, in the Philippines, as long as you are half mixed with a western person, they almost automatically let you become a celebrity there. Yeah, it’s certainly strange. It’s not that people who are half mixed between a Filipino and a European can’t be very attractive (they can, obviously). However, because the Philippines allows almost anyone based on this mixed ideology the opportunity to become a celeb, you get hoards that are hardly beautiful who find themselves as celebs, purely based on their genetic makeup.

The Filipino celebrity scene is largely caste-based. Below are examples of them.

I don’t personally find these women to be anything special. Especially as a white man living in Australia, I saw some girls in my class at school who resembled this, and no one treated them like they were anything special (rather common, in fact). But over in the Philippines, they are basically treated as gods, lol.

I have also found that there are a lot of genuinely pretty Filipina women among the general population of the Philippines. These are just normal Filipina women, as seen below.

What I have found is that despite these women being blatantly pretty (more pretty than the actual celebs, in my opinion), they get very little recognition inside the Filipino culture as being beautiful (sadly).

It means a lot of these really pretty Filipina women blatantly have the mentality that they aren’t even pretty.
Why are so many Filipina women pretty?

Well, they are primarily a form of Austronesian people (with some small amounts of Negrito). The reason, however, is mostly the Austronesian component, which makes up well over 90% of the DNA.

In my opinion, Austronesian DNA results in a high percentage of the women being pretty for the following reasons:.

  1. Somewhat Asian-like-looking features (which is pretty).
  2. Large, pretty, energetic eyes.
  3. Full lips.
  4. Smooth skin.
  5. Nice, shiny, dark hair.

Why are Filipino women so attractive to foreign men?

They’re not particularly And I say that as a Frenchman who married a Filipina.

She is a delight in my life, for sure…She has brightened everything around her. She is the most clever (or maybe the second, but the 1st one is a bit weird) woman i’ve ever met, and in the top 5 of people i’ve ever met. But the best of all. She ALWAIS understands me, she always noticed my improbable puns, and my most secret eastern eggs, when i speak, sometimes more than i do myself.

She has a great sense of humour, she is sweet, never runs out of patience., and she is the best mom i could ever hope for my kids. She is a wonderful individual. But she is just an individual. Many foreigners comes to the philippines to take advantage of their positions. it’s not the same. But yes, Filipino women are wonderful—not more, not less than the others.

What are the most desirable traits of Filipina women, and why do foreigners get attracted to them?

I’ve never dated a Filipina, but I have certainly entertained the idea! The reason why I find Filipinas attractive.

  1. More Feminine. Over all, I have noticed that Filipinas are more girly than many of the women I know over here in America.
  2. Realistic Expectations. Though it is certainly becoming more common, based on what I have seen and what I have been told,. The chief concern of a Filipina when she considers marriage is not about how good a man looks physically, how fun he is, or how romantic he is. They care about whether he will get along with the family and be a good husband or father. As others have listed. Economic concerns may also be high on their list.
  3. Skinnier. Because of their diet, many Filipinas have better bodies than their American counterparts.
  4. Religious. I am very religious. I find it very attractive when a woman is religious. Especially when they are of the same religion as me. I happen to be Mormon. The Philippines happens to have the fourth largest population of Mormons in the world, behind America, Mexico, and Brazil. So when I eventually decide to marry, I’ll definitely consider the Philippines if I don’t find compatible Mormon women here in America.
  5. Friendly. I have noticed little difference between the friendliness level of Filipinas and American women. But I should mention that I do enjoy how friendly the women are over there.


6. Commitment. I love how focused Filipinas are on their families. Family is always first. They will do anything to make the marriage work, to raise the kids well, and to keep family relationships strong. I admire that. I mean, yeah, the American focus on the individual is good, but often times that same focus leaves marriage and families by the wayside.

Second Edit:

As of June 2018, I have been dating a Filipina for almost a year now. She’s definitely the best woman I have ever dated, but its not just because she’s Filipina. She’s just amazing. She was actually a friend of mine when I wrote the above answer and was the main inspiration behind my answer.

Third Edit: As of earlier this year, I am now married to that Filipina. Its been wonderful.


Although lots of Filipinas are beautiful, there are still some who are not. This cannot just be said about Filipinas. Women the world over have the same characteristics: some are too beautiful, some are not so beautiful, and some are “ugly.”. Probably you are looking for some who are mestizas and mixed with Chinese blood and Japanese or Indian blood. That makes them pretty.

Filipinos are a mixture of different races who visited and colonized the country. Thus, you will find different beauties when you visit the Philippines. A number have Chinese, Spanish, American, Malaysian, or Indonesian blood.

Due to this, there are Filipinas who look like Latinas or mestizas. There are also Filipinas who are white with the long-chiseled nose, thin lips, and round eyes.

In general, girls from the Philippines have a brown complexion, a round or oval face, black hair, and single or double eyelids. Most have dark irises ranging from a dark shade of brown to almost black. However, some are endowed with medium-brown eyes or light brown.

The majority of them have a nose with low bridges and a rounded tip, which many interpret as flat and big. However, there are also those who have an aquiline nose. Most of them have a slender figure with average height. They are not as tall as the other races, but their slim figure compliments their height.

Why are Filipino women disproportionately beautiful?

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