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What’s the job of a probationary engineer in Bharat Electronics Limited like?

What's the job of a probationary engineer in Bharat Electronics Limited like?

What’s the job of a probationary engineer in Bharat Electronics Limited like?

A probationary engineer at Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) typically undergoes a training and induction program to familiarize themselves with the company’s operations, policies, and procedures. They may be assigned to various departments to gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge in their field of engineering specialization.

During the probation period, they are expected to learn and apply technical skills, contribute to projects, and demonstrate their ability to work effectively within the organization. Upon successful completion of the probation period, they may be confirmed as regular employees and given more responsibilities within the company.

What are the qualifications for a probationary engineer in BEL?

The specific qualifications and requirements for a probationary engineer at Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) may vary depending on the job position and the department they are being hired for. However, in general, the following qualifications are typically expected:

Educational Background: Candidates should have a full-time Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Technology from a recognized university or institution. The engineering disciplines could include Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science, Civil, or other relevant fields.

Minimum Percentage: BEL usually sets a minimum percentage requirement for the qualifying degree. For example, candidates may be required to have a minimum of 60% aggregate marks in their engineering degree.

Age Limit: There is usually an age limit for applying for the position of a probationary engineer. The age limit may vary based on the specific recruitment notification issued by BEL.

GATE Score: In some cases, BEL considers the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) score as a parameter for shortlisting candidates. Candidates may be required to have a valid GATE score in the relevant engineering discipline.

Additional Requirements: Depending on the specific job position and department, there may be additional requirements such as knowledge of specific programming languages, software tools, or relevant work experience. These requirements are usually mentioned in the job advertisement or recruitment notification.

It’s important to note that these qualifications are based on general information and may be subject to change. It is always recommended to refer to the official BEL recruitment notifications or contact the BEL HR department for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the qualifications for a probationary engineer position.

What’s the job of a probationary engineer in Bharat Electronics Limited like?

I worked in Bharat Electronics Limited from October 2015 to September 2016. First of all, after selection you will be under training at Center for Learning and Development (CLD) Bangalore for 30 working days. Here they will give you an overview of BEL.

  1. You will be briefed about the policies and functioning of BEL. Such as the number of leaves you are entitled for (e.g. Earned Leave, Casual Leave, Medical Leave, Optional holiday etc.), Medical benefits, Study Leaves etc.
  2. The different locations (or cities) where BEL SBUs (Strategic Business Unit) are situated. BEL has its units at Gaziabad, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Machhlipattanam, Panchkula etc. The headquarter is at Bangalore and this unit alone has 9 SBUs.
  3. The different products e.g. Military Radar, Electronic Voting Machine, Sonar Systems, Missile systems etc.
  4. You will also get to visit some of the SBUs at Bangalore Complex.

After the training you will be posted to respective units (factories).

Job Role

As a production engineer :

  • You need to monitor and plan the production schedule to meet the annual target.
  • Allocation of work to the industrial workers.
  • Liaising with Planning department for timely updates of new target revision etc.
  • Liaising with Design & Engineering department for feasibility of complicated drawings.
  • Projecting the requirements at the shop floor level to enhance the process and improve the cycle time, thereby increasing the productivity.

You will also get to know the technologies and working of the machines available at the shop floor.

All these things will surely add to your “Technical Knowledge”.

Note : Previously BEL was one of the lowest paying PSUs for the beginners, but with the revision of pay scale salary is much better now.

In brief, You should not miss working in BEL unless you have better options (NTPC, ONGC, IOCL, BPCL, Engineering Services or Civil Services).

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Why the pay is less in Bharat Electronics for probationaries?

I don’t have specific information on the current pay structure at Bharat Electronics or any updates beyond my last knowledge cutoff in January 2022. However, it’s common for companies to offer lower salaries to probationary or entry-level employees as they are still gaining experience and proving their capabilities.

Several factors could contribute to this:

  1. Training and Skill Development: During the probationary period, employees may receive additional training and mentorship, which is an investment by the company in their professional development.
  2. Performance Evaluation: Probationary periods often serve as a time for the employer to evaluate the employee’s performance, adaptability, and overall fit within the company. Salary adjustments may be made based on the assessment after the probationary period.
  3. Market Conditions: The company may align its salary offerings with market standards for entry-level positions in the industry and region.

If you have concerns about your salary or feel that it is not in line with industry standards, it’s advisable to communicate with your HR department or superiors to understand the company’s policies and discuss the potential for future salary increases based on performance and experience. Keep in mind that salary structures can vary across companies and industries.

The pay is not less per se. It is the same across most of the defense PSUs. You join as a probationer, and in around 8–12 months, you transition from a PE to a DE with pay remaining the same.

The pay band is 16400–30500; Plus, you get 48% of basic pay as perquisites in a lump sum at 2–3 instances per year. This will be roughly 21k each time.

Thus, from the Basic + DA + HRA – PF – IT, you get roughly 36k in hand. If you divide out the around 45k you get as perks, it is around 40k per month.

I accepted that the pay is not high, but not too low. I have transitioned from a paycheck of 55k after tax per month (at Nvidia) to 40k, which is enough until now.

The cost of living at places where BEL is located across India (except Ghaziabad) is comparatively lower. But there are other invisible non-monetary perks that many fail to acknowledge (both technical and for leisure).

At Bangalore, there is an elaborate officers club for executives, which houses a kickass restaurant, two pool tables, a well-maintained swimming pool, a sports complex with squash, TT, Badminton courts, a HUGE ground etc., etc. You don’t get that in any private company in Bangalore. All this is for a nominal membership fee of 25 Rs/month.

You get to be around army men at least once a month, and like it or not, if you are pretty dedicated to what you are doing, the army discipline slowly starts creeping in.

Technically, provided you are in a reasonably good department, you have the opportunity and freedom to do many things, unlike what people make it out to be. People often blame PSUs, saying, “Ye sarkari naukri he..isme acha kaam nahi milta hai,” etc.

The exposure you get is unique; you can never get that in any other company outside. But it is a very personal choice, as the kind of work may differ from the liking of many.

What is the difference between a BEL probationary engineer and a deputy engineer (E-2) grade?

I was with BEL Bangalore’s Product Development and Innovation Centre from Dec ’15 to Jul ’17. I joined PDIC directly as a deputy engineer in E-II grade through lateral recruitment using my prior job experience. As we joined as the first batch into this new flagship venture by BEL, a few probationary engineers were allotted to our department from the then newly recruited batch of PEs through BEL’s conventional recruitment process.

Regarding your question, there are only very subtle differences between a PE and a DE at the entry level, which I will touch upon now.

One main thing people might expect to be different but which is different is the pay. Both PEs and DEs at the E-II level will get the same salary. When I joined, we used to get around 37,000 in-hand salary. Now I hear it is 48k in hand after the pay revision. Now, onto the differences

1. Work: 

A PE is not expected to contribute much to the work in the department. They are expected to observe, learn, and adjust to the company culture. More than that, most kids joining as PEs are fresh out of college and need more professional maturity. 

So, they are expected to cultivate that, develop a work ethic and routine, and adjust to the organization’s hierarchical structure. From a DE, the expectations are high, and they are expected to contribute from day one and are evaluated and graded much more stringently.

2. Bond: 

Due to the above difference in expectations, the DEs still don’t need a bond period (which finally helped me leave the organization without much financial burden). PEs have a three-year 3 lakh bond. Thus, the price the entry-level DE pays compared to a PE for this relaxation is the increased workload and no time to adjust with the organization.

Other than these two, there are not many differences between the designations. DEs are a rarity; PEs are the workhorse of BEL, coming from their conventional annual recruitment process. Both still have the government’s one-year probation period. A PE becomes a DE after confirmation from their probation.

For a person who doesn’t have many elaborate plans in life and wants to settle down with a peaceful 8–4 job, BEL is a perfect option, though people here work really hard, and you can see many who work 8–8 daily six days a week. 

Company culture varies across SBUs (Strategic Business Unit) and units in different parts of the country. Some departments are chill, while others are torture. That finally depends on your fate!

PS: I moved to a Ph.D. program in IISc near BEL, Bangalore. But I am in constant touch with my ex-colleagues every week.


What is the salary of entry-level engineers at Bharat Electronics Limited?

Having worked at BEL as a Deputy Engineer for 2.5 years, I can answer this. This calculation is according to the 3rd pay revision commission of 2017. The basic pay is 40k per month; current IDA is 15%, so basic = 46k. 

Another significant component is HRA, which is 24% of primary, i.e., 9.6k. So, basic+da+hra = 55.6k. Company contribution to PF is 12% of basic+da, i.e., 5.5k. Perks are 35% of basic. However, some percentage is diverted for medical contribution, so effectively, you can take it to be ~30%, i.e., 12k. Adding all this, you get ₹73k per month (in the CTC, they also add the encashment of paid leaves, but I’ll leave that out here). 

Most of the perks are delivered once a year in a lump sum. Therefore, you’ll get only 5k consistently each month.

This is the gross salary, now coming to the inland part. Inhand = basic + da+ hra + monthly_perks – employee_pf_contribution – income_tax = 40 + 6 +9.6 + 5 – 5.5 – 3 ~= 52k.

So you can expect around 52k per month. Apart from this, you’ll get ~80k perks distributed across the year + annual performance bonus, which can go up to 100k per year if you perform well.

I hope this answers the question.

How should I prepare for the BEL probationary engineering?

I appeared for the written examination of BEL in 2015 and was writing GATE; the only difference was that a calculator was not allowed, and there was only one minute per question(totaling all 150 questions). 

There were a lot of questions from Engineering Mathematics as well(about 30-40%). There were only 6-10 questions from GK. 

But you should also know that they keep changing the exam pattern according to their needs. (sometimes, they ask a lot of questions from R.K. Jain as well)

Last year, they asked questions from GATE, so they might not repeat the same pattern and ask questions from R.K. Jain.

So, it would help if you went through all the GATE questions of the last five years. This made a GATE book with solutions easy, and R. K. Jain might be instrumental.

Which questions do we get in the Bharat Electronics Limited [BEL] probationary engineer examination?

The questions in the BEL probationary engineer exam (talking about ECE) are easy, and the complexity level is less. Usually, the fundamental questions are there. But the paper covers approx 17-18 subjects like-

  1. Math (I, II, and III),
  2. network analysis,
  3. measuring instruments,
  4. Fundamental of electronic devices,
  5. digital electronics,
  6. Antenna and wave propagation,
  7. Microelectronic circuits,
  8. Integrated circuits,
  9. Microprocessor,
  10. Electromagnetic Field theory,
  11. Communication (Digital and analog),
  12. Introduction to electronic drives,
  13. control system,
  14. signal system
  15. Digital signal processing

With these subjects, aptitude and reasoning questions were present in last year’s paper.

Is it proper for a CSE to apply to be a BEL probationary engineer?

Well! Regarding the package, it’s mediocre pay for ambitious people and suitable for those who prefer sarkari naukri. Coming to learning and knowledge gain, most of us, i.e., CS graduates, are inducted into software groups working in embedded coding and application development, and you find this fascinating for the first two years. 

Later, it becomes very dull and monotonous. Peaceful life is mostly assured. It depends on your boss and the unit you are posted to. 

If you feel it’s not practical as it has less number of openings and more competition, don’t bother about it. I had the same thought running through my mind when I took the exam. There were 20 for the general category and only 10 for the general category. I had no hope of clearing the exam itself. 

I was skeptical about my college and educational background. But nothing could influence much. I didn’t give up, and I tried. I got it even after being from a state-level university college. You are second to none. All the very best for all aspirants! Thanks !!

How is the life of an engineer in PSU BEL selected through GATE?

It’s Awesome. But a little Sluggish. You will get exposure and First-Hand experiences with Various Technologies. You will be happier and feel secure compared to the previous phase of your life. You will play and eat as you wish and might gain weight.

Your prospects of being the Best Groom/Bride will increase (PSU Job Security).

Sluggish because you might be happy, relaxed, and content in your job, and you might miss seeing what you want to be in life and follow the tracks of the Predecessors. The only thing you must remember once you get a PSU job is that you are secured, but doesn’t this bond bind you?


How and where to find government jobs for electronics and telecommunication engineer in India?

You can find Govt Jobs in Various fields For ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION such as:


These jobs are totally depends on your score in GATE and later GD+INTERVIEW….

Moreover,Indian Engineering Services are considered the most prestigious job profile for Engineers in India. The selection is through Engineering Services Examination (ESE) which is among the most competitive exams in India. By writing (ESE) Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) students or graduates get following jobs.

  • Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers.
  • Indian Railway Stores Service (Telecommunication/ Electronics Engineering Posts).
  • Indian Naval Armament Service (Electronics Engineering Posts).
  • Assistant Executive Engineer (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Posts)
  • Central Power Engg. Service
  • Indian Inspection Service
  • Indian Telecommunication Service
  • Junior Telecom Officer

What is the exam pattern of a BEL probationary engineer post (ECE)?

Is the GATE syllabus sufficient for the preparation? Do they ask more technical questions or problematic questions?

They ask technical questions.


Aptitude -30

A total of 150 questions have to be answered in just 150 minutes. So, there is no chance for problematic questions.

Most websites mention that the Bel syllabus is the same as the Gate syllabus, but only theoretical questions for the Bel exam can be expected.

Which are the best electronics and communication engineer jobs in Bharat Electronics Limited or the DRDO?

They offer various job opportunities for electronics and communication engineers. Below are some of the best jobs in both the organizations:

For BEL:

  1. Electronics Engineer
  2. Project Engineer
  3. Senior Engineer
  4. Deputy Engineer
  5. Contract Engineer
  6. Research & Development Engineer
  7. Manager


  1. Scientist B
  2. Scientist C
  3. Scientist D
  4. Scientist E
  5. Scientist F
  6. Junior Research Fellow (JRF)
  7. Senior Research Fellow (SRF)

The job roles in both organizations involve designing, developing, and maintaining electronic systems and equipment. It’s important to note that the specific job responsibilities and requirements may vary based on the position and the project the engineer is working on.

Ultimately, the best job for an electronics and communication engineer depends on their interests, skills, and career goals. Both BEL and DRDO offer excellent opportunities for career growth and development in electronics and communication engineering.


After getting selected, you will undergo 45 days to 6 months of training, and then you will be posted to the post of probationary Engineer. From then, your work style depends on the type of project you’re placed in … There are a lot of running projects…and our role may be coding and testing communication systems like radars, antennas, etc.

In my case, for the first 30 working days, we were in training at the Center for Learning and Development. After that, we got posted to our respective Strategic Business Unit.

Probationary Engineers are assessed for their assigned work in their SBU. Work is the same as for other employees and depends on the SBU. Being in the Software group, mine was related to Software development/testing. Based on the report, their probation gets completed.

What’s the job of a probationary engineer in Bharat Electronics Limited like?

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