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What were some observations about the Rex Heuermann family?

Rex Heuermann family

What were some observations about the Rex Heuermann family?

Rex Heuermann was arrested in 2023 in connection with the unsolved serial killings of women found along a New York beach highway more than a decade ago. Rex Heuermann is said to be married to his beautiful wife, whose name is Asa Ellerup. It is recorded that the arrested individual has been married to his wife for quite a while.

What were some observations about the Rex Heuermann family? Rex Heuermann’s family consists of his wife, ex-wife, daughter, and a special needs son. Here is an overview of the information provided:

Wife (Current):

According to neighbors and reports, Rex Heuermann is married to Asa Ellerup, who is said to have Icelandic heritage. They are listed as living in the same Massapequa Park home. Not much information is available about Asa Ellerup, as she maintains a low profile. Neighbors described her as quiet.


Rex Heuermann’s first wife was Elizabeth Ryan. They were married in New Brunswick, New Jersey, when he was 26 years old. Elizabeth Ryan is a graduate of St. Peter’s High School and Montclair State College, where she earned a degree in business administration. At the time of their marriage, she worked as a junior planner at an office supply company. The details of their divorce and when it occurred are unclear.


Rex Heuermann’s daughter, Victoria, is 26 years old. She was listed as part of his “team” on his company website. However, after his identification as a suspect, her information was removed. Victoria previously worked as a sales associate at Macy’s while studying at the New York Institute of Technology, where she obtained a BFA in Fine Arts in 2019.

Special Needs Son:

Rex Heuermann has a special needs son, although some sources suggest that he may be a stepson. Neighbors have mentioned the son, describing him as a nice and special-needs child. However, the son does not appear to be listed in the property records.

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Who is Rex Heuermann’s wife?

What were some observations about the Rex Heuermann family?

Asa Ellerup, the wife of Long Island serial killer suspect Rex Heuermann, will be participating in a multi-part documentary series. The Peacock series will be produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s G-Unit Film & Television, along with Texas Crew Productions and the New York Post, according to a Peacock spokesperson. What were some observations about the Rex Heuermann family?

Do you agree with the decision made by Rex Heuermann’s wife to file for divorce?

Yeah, I absolutely don’t agree, because why the hell was your husband dating? You didn’t know? Nothing was loud in the basement. He was just down there for hours on end in the middle of the night, probably? Instead of sleeping with his wife,? Also, police probably want to check out the tattoo parlors each of those ladies went to—it’s probably the tie that binds. Condolences to the families.

What questions still need to be answered regarding Rex Heuermann’s family and friends?

What do his family and friends have to do with his actions? They are their own private individuals and should not be of any interest to the public. have some respect for others.

He can rot in a bucket on a deserted island, for all I care, as well as anyone who knowingly helped him. but therein lies the caveat. knowingly. People are so quick to assume “everyone knew” while forgetting that in their lives we can, statistically, demonstrate they are unaware of major events and lies their closest ones are hiding. They don’t know; why not extend the same to anyone but Rex without evidence to the contrary?

That would be a long-winded appeal to “facts only before you judge, please.”. If your friend or family member is hiding something from you, how can you be blamed for it? What were some observations about the Rex Heuermann family?

Who are the victims that Rex Heuermann is accused of murdering?

So far, this lot.

There are other bodies, but they were disposed of differently.

possibly linked to a sex club that killed girls.

We don’t know how many victims there were because Hurricane Sandy turned up.

So far, Rex is suspect number one.

Please look up the SCPD chief, who may have been involved in the sex club.

The investigation went nowhere for him, and his car was robbed. He was then was blackmailed by the robber … The robber was arrested and beaten up by the cops!

What is the significance of finding Rex Heuermann’s wife’s DNA on some of the victims?

The DNA profiles from the hair samples matched the DNA of Heuermann and his wife. This match linked Heuermann to the crime scenes, creating an irrefutable connection between the alleged Long Island serial killer and his victims.


Prosecutors already have a DNA link to Heuermann from a hair found on the body of Waterman. The damning strand of hair was a mitochondrial match to DNA found on a discarded pizza crust and napkin near his Midtown Manhattan office.

How likely is it that Rex Heuermann is responsible for all of the deaths?

Reasonably likely, but he’ll only be connected to a few. The chances of another serial killer or multiple killers burying bodies in the same location are highly unlikely. I’d say 70% likely he did them all, 95% chance he won’t be connected to more than 4–5, and a 99% chance that other killers didn’t dump bodies in the same place… unless they were working with Heuermann, and I’d say there’s a 5% chance of that.

Is Rex Heuermann a licensed architect?

Heuermann’s home is also listed in connection with his business, RH Consultants & Associates. He received his architecture license in 1996, and New York state records show he does not have any enforcement actions listed.

How did Rex get caught?

Investigators first zeroed in on Heuermann after a witness gave a description of a vehicle believed to be used by the killer. Detectives then used motor vehicle records to track down Heuermann and his Chevy Avalanche, which helped lead to his address and later his DNA. What were some observations about the Rex Heuermann family?

Has Rex Heuermann’s wife visited him in jail since his arrest?

Well, she’s filed for divorce, so she’s no longer visiting him. I’ll bet money that he’ll’suicide’ himself because his life is truly over. Maybe he’ll just request a visit from Hillary.. What were some observations about the Rex Heuermann family?

What does Rex do with the money his family does have?

Rather than save money for family needs for food and clothing funds, Rex Walls would use the income to purchase personal goods, including cigars and beers. I was surprised that he asked his children for money from their personal savings to purchase alcohol.

What were some observations about the Rex Heuermann family?

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