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What are Romanian women like as wives for foreigners?

What are Romanian women like as wives for foreigners?

What are Romanian women like as wives for foreigners?

Men are usually the main income earners, while women assume most of the responsibilities within the household (caregiving and domestic work). However, Romanian women generally have a lot of authority in their households as mothers and grandmothers.

How do you keep a Romanian woman happy? Compliment, compliment, compliment! This works with every woman, but it will work magic on Romanians. As they like to dress up (see point above), they also want to know they’ve impressed you, and potentially everyone else to. Ideally, you should really be impressed, and tell the truth when complimenting her.

And by listening, I mean showing empathy, understanding, and caring about their stories and emotions. Romanians appreciate this very much, as they are very good listeners themselves and are always interested in people’s life and feelings.

What do you think about Romanian women?

Romanian women, like individuals from any other nationality, are diverse and unique. Cultural influences, personal experiences, and individual personalities shape people, making it important to avoid making sweeping generalizations about any group.

Romania has a rich cultural heritage, and Romanian women may reflect various aspects of this culture. They can be known for values such as family-oriented attitudes, warmth, and hospitality. However, it’s crucial to remember that each person is an individual with their own traits, preferences, and aspirations.

If you are interested in forming connections with Romanian women or anyone from a different culture, it’s essential to approach relationships with respect, open-mindedness, and a willingness to understand and appreciate each other’s perspectives. Building a meaningful connection is about recognizing the uniqueness of each person rather than relying on stereotypes or preconceived notions.

If you’re asking me personally, I think Romanian women are great. But I love Romanian culture, to the point that I learned the language 😀

The Romanian women I met weren’t just ladies I dated, but also mothers, grandmothers, and working women across all sections of society. I’ve met politicians, business leaders, entertainers, students, homeless people, and teachers, all of which taught me something about life, love, and happiness.

Romanian women are largely unappreciated. There isn’t a single woman on the currency (except for an anonymous peasant on the 10 lei note), and their contributions to philosophy, literature, government, culture, poetry, and science are ignored or forgotten. But I find that Romanian women are hard-working, resilient, resourceful, ambitious, curious, and generous.

In short, I think Romanian women are amazing! 😀

The answer is really simple. Italian womans are mostly presumptuous and want to be always treated like Queens.. specially if they are beautiful. The better they look the more they pretend from you. Also they have a really bad temperament.

In my personal experience in Italy when you like a girl, most of the times YOU have to make the first move.

On the other hand, Romanian girls are really friendly and not really pretentious. Most of the girls have a nice body and are really sexy and if a Romanian girl likes you SHE will make the first move. Those are some of the reasons but I am sure everyone has its opinion.

How do I date a romanian girl or women?

Well this is how I did it , it took me about 11 hours , first I boarded a train the Blue Arrow in Romania travelling to Bucharest I took up space of four seats with my baggage , Just after leaving the station the train conductor came down collecting the tickets . When she got to my seat she told me I should not take up four seats as I only had one ticket . She said I needed to move my baggage to the baggage shelf’s.

All the time she was telling me off I just sat and smiled at her , after some time she said something like are you listening to me. I just carried on smiling then she said in Romanian , do you speak Romanian I just smiled, then she said it again in English. Do you speak English, I said yes. She said I see, Ok she said I’ll be back after I have collected the tickets, 30 minuets late she returned and over the next 3 hours we talked.

I got to know a lot about her family her job and so much more she was 35 years old had a daughter a mother and was single. I found out that she would be the conductor on the return journey that same evening. I said I would also be returning on that same train and would see her again…

That afternoon bought a return ticked (unplanned). I also purchased small presents and chocolates that I thought may come in handy for my return journey , so sure enough I did catch the Blue Arrow that night and once again was please to see the same conductor whom I had struck up conversation with earlier that day. This time I was quick to put my baggage in the correct place.

As this was my first time in Romania I was not fimmila with the language or the its city’s . After she had collected the tickets she came and sat with me for the most part of the journey she told me more about herself , I told her things about me , we got on very well , I then gave her chocolates for her and her family , she was so happy .

I asked her if she could recommend a good hotel for me in the city where her train the Blue Arrow was to terminate, that also being her city where she lived . She said she could show me an hotel just a short walk from where she lived , I said great . On arrival she clocked off from work and she proceeded to take me to the hotel . When we got to the hotel she asked the receptionist if they had a single room for me, the receptionist said yes and shown me the room it was 30 euros.

I said to the lady conductor that I wanted to speak to her outside first, so we went outside , I asked her if she had room at her place for me for one night ,I said I would prefare to give her the cost of the hotel as it would be helping us both. She was a little took back by my request ,however I think the chocolates had done the trick. Ok she said I’ll tell the receptionist you will not be staying . It took about 10 minuets to get to her rented apartment.

I learned later that she was a little embarrassed because she didn’t think that I would like her home. however all was good , she was off work the next day and so she showed me the city , my own private guided tor . She took me to see her mom and her daughter we had a great time , that was back in May 2005, those chocolates cost me just a few euros . The rest since then as cost me thousands ….Money well spent (tong-in-cheek) I never when home , we married in March 2013 and of course remain happily married today.

So the answer is:- think of her family also because maybe one day it could be your family.

How are Romanian women or girls?

First of all, there are millions of us and we’re all different people. We are of all walks of life – some are educated, some are not; some are superficial, some are not; some are more traditional, others are not; some are more stereotypically feminine, some are not; some intelligent, some less… and this goes on and on about pretty much whatever you can think of. So I will try to ascribe some characteristics, but keep in mind they are just broad generalizations, and will never apply to every girl.

So I’ll go out of a limb and assume you are asking the question with a baseline of Western girls in mind, so here goes.

We tend to be more socially conforming about gender roles aside from jobs and work, meaning that when it comes to raising the children or doing housework we are probably more likely to do the lion’s share of that, but we won’t accept not having access on the job market for things which sometimes in the West are seen as traditionally masculine jobs, such as doctors or IT industry related jobs. Romania itself also has an almost non-existent gender pay gap – as long as you get the same job as a man, you get the same income as well.

Beauty is comparatively more important socially. We tend to spend more on cosmetics, we ascribe comparatively higher value to things like doing our nails, hair, skin care. Many of us will never go anywhere without a little bit of light makeup, though definitely not all. We’re more likely to dress in a decisively feminine style. We usually don’t tend to go out of social norms with things like, say, purple or green hair – while this isn’t unheard of, it’s extremely atypical to see. We put a lot of emphasis on watching our weight, but generally we’ll also look critically at how you take care of yourself too.

We like nice things, like gifts, jewelry, perfumes, vacations, nice cars, but who doesn’t, if you’re honest about it? Then again, when in a long term relationship, we can be exceedingly thrifty.

We’re more likely to know how to cook good, warm food. It isn’t uncommon for a girl to learn that from her mom before you could have ever had a chance to meet her.

The average Romanian woman will have gone through high school at least. In school, we tend to outperform the boys, at least as far as grades go, which doesn’t mean we’re smarter than our men, just that we become serious about things earlier.

Now, none of this means that if you end up in a relationship with a Romanian girl you get to sit on your butt and let her do everything. We also like romance, we usually like masculine men, we like men who face difficulties and have a can-do mentality, we like men who also work on themselves and try to make life better, who respect us, who are protective, and so on and so forth.

All in all, I don’t think we’re any different from other East European girls, and very little different from Western European ones.

Why are American men going to foreign countries to find a wife?

I don’t dare put my real name behind this, or I’ll risk being attacked, ostracized and shamed, and that’s part of the problem.

There are 2 issues that I think are causing this, one which is ok to talk about, the other which might bring scorn. In a nutshell, 50 years ago, gender roles were restrictive but also clear. I’m glad they’ve changed, but it has come with a cost. Today, in America, gender roles are a source of confusion for many. Very few of us, male or female, have a clear understanding of what role our gender is supposed to play or even if our role should be dictated by gender at all.

The part that’s ok to talk about is this: Men have been taught how to court women using an outdated set of rules. My parents taught me to be chivalrous towards women, showing kindness and courtesy. In a world where men have all the power and wealth, and where women’s only real role is to find a man with power and wealth, chivalry makes a lot of sense.

If the CEO of your company holds the door open for you, the gesture has much more meaning than if your coworker does the exact same thing. Men to women used to be like the CEO acting towards the average employee: You be kind, you be courteous, you act graceful with your power. Now, men to women are more like coworker to coworker than CEO to employee. Paying for dinner no longer really impresses her (yet, she may still expect it).

However, in many foreign countries, this men-hold-the-power dynamic still exists, and the old rules of chivalry work. So, American men are taught to act towards women in a way that rarely works with American women, but often works with foreign women.

Second, and this is the one I’m afraid of stating: It’s just my opinion that American women have a ridiculous sense of entitlement. When it comes to certain things, we’re all equal and how dare you treat us differently, yet on other things they want men to be men and women to be women.

One moment it’s “I don’t need your help just because you’re a man and I’m a woman” and the next it’s “but you’re the man, and I’m the woman, so you’re supposed to take care of me.” Thing is, these things vary from woman to woman and situation to situation, so it’s easy for us men to get it wrong.

As other answers point out, we’re supposed to be tall, handsome, funny, successful (ideally more successful than the woman that we’re dating, even though we’re no better than her) and have just enough machismo, but not too much as to make us sexist, and all of that just gets us a seat at the table. From there one wrong statement, or wrong interest (for example, I’m not a dog person) can easily cost you your seat.

I have known plenty of women that would rather hold out for what they want than to date one of the less-than-perfect men who are interested in them. To add complication, we’re supposed to understand when “no” means “yes” or “not yet” but also when it really means “no”.

One false move one way, and we lose the woman we like (for not being enough of “a man”) one false move the other way, and we’re charged with sexual assault. Many American men navigate this minefield successfully, but many also give up and try something easier, which is dating foreign women.

What kind of girls do Romanian guys like?

This is not something that I can answer. I am a Romanian young lady but truth be told, Romanian guys aren’t different from other countries. It’s a matter of how you were raised and your mentality. Unfortunately, many Romanian guys are assholes and they usually like girls that are more curvy, bitchy and whory because many don’t want a serious relationship.

And if they find a girl that is nice they will usually use her body and play with her emotions till they find that whore that they want. Sad, but truth. And, then, there are the gentlemen (rare) that treat girls like princesses but are treated back very shitty or friendzoned because they “are not our type”. Again, sad, but truth. It’s a fucked up situation.

It is difficult to generalize an entire group of people based on nationality, as everyone is unique and different. However, Romanian women are known for their beauty, intelligence, and strong family values, making them attractive partners for many foreigners.

They are typically hardworking, independent, and have a strong sense of loyalty to their loved ones. Romanian women also tend to have a good education and are fluent in English, which can make communication easier for foreigners. Additionally, they are often passionate and romantic partners, and prioritize creating a stable and loving home environment for their families.

While cultural differences can present challenges in any relationship, Romanian women are often open-minded and adaptable, making them well-suited to adapting to new cultures and ways of life. Ultimately, a successful relationship with a Romanian woman, like any relationship, depends on mutual respect, trust, and communication.

What does the Bible say about tattoos and marking your body?

What do I need to know about dating a romanian girl or women?

Well, of course it depends on every person but GENERALLY speaking some traits that a Romanian woman might have is;

  1. -we are very friendly and not only emotionally but physically close to people. A lot of woman are not afraid to express themselves by having contact. That might be one of the reasons people think they are very flirty but most of the time they are just friendly.
  2. -our culture also has privacy in it though. Many romanian woman may not talk about deeper stuff like their past, their parents, their origins etc unless you actuuask them. Most of them are not curious about those stiff unless you come from a different culture.
  3. -our families are our everything. Not always but most of the time romanians in general love spending time with their family members from their parents all the way to their third cousins. Especially in holidays.
  4. -respect is very important for woman in general. In romania, if you do not have respect to your woman, they might get very defensive.
  5. -we like to do things without anyones help. There are and always be stubborn women. Most romanians, growing up were thaught how to handle themselves with no help. Thus they are very independent.

What are the best and worst things about dating a Romanian girl/woman?

What can you say about them as an average group of people?

Romanian women are not an average group of people, as you think. Dating a Romanian woman is kinda like when you upgrade your car from Ford, Opel or Volkswagen to Maserati or Ferrari. An average Romanian woman knows how to be a lady in society, a very good mother, a perfect housewife and a wild lioness in bed. Home is their kingdom.

You have to keep in mind that Romanian women like strong and determined partners and hate lazy, rude, negligent and humorless men. If you don’t know how to be a real, determined man, they immediately take on that role.They can be extremely feminine, fragile and delicate, sweet as honey, but they can also be damn hard and unforgiving, if you step on the light bulb.

The Romanian woman knows very well when and how to “press” all your buttons, and walk you through all the possible states, every single time she may want, 24/7. Have you heard of the “torture” called the Chinese drop? Well, Romanian women know best how to apply it.

Also they are jealous as fuck. If you don’t qualify, you better stay away, bro. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! Metaphorically speaking, a Romanian woman is like a Ferrari: not easy to drive, not easy to keep, fucking expensive, you have to be a good driver, you have to maintain it perfectly, but at the end of the day, it’s damn worth it!

Are romanian girls beautiful?

I used to think that Serbian women were the most beautiful in Europe, but then I came to Romania, even thiking that serbian women are really beautiful, the Romanian women were really attractive, I don’t know how to explain, they are more diverse and more beautiful and have more sex appeal.

How do Romanian men treat their women?

This is one heck of a question. And I will give one heck of an answer.

Believe it or not, in a traditional Romanian family, the man considers himself the leader, kind of decision maker, until, the woman gets the idea of what’s going on. And then everything goes beserk. Simply put, there is no way you can do something different from what a Romanian woman wants.

There were some stories going around, about different areas in the country. Transylvanian men, even nice and helpful for their wives, in fact, are most attached to their mothers. Whilst the men from Oltenia are totally attached to their wives, who they cherish and love with passion.

It doesn’t matter what area of the country and what approach they have, men are the head of the household, but women actually lead and have the final word.

As my grandpa said to me: “Grandson, you know, the man is the general, but the woman is the logistics major. Nothing moves without logistics major’s permission.”

Why do so many Diaspora Romanian women marry non-Romanians so easily?

Other immigrants rarely marry or date outside their own people. Well.. that says a lot about the quality of Romanian women over others I’d say. And I say this an English guy that did marry a Romanian girl. My Romanian wife is a chartered accountant in London, she studied and got all her qualifications here and we met during University. I was a crazy shallow guy at the time and she was very serious about life and what she wanted to achieve.

She didn’t even wanna date me anymore after we went out a few time. It wasn’t easy getting her to marry me. Her family in Romania is upper class, her dad is a former judge and she has two brothers, one is a police officer and the other one is an accomplished engineer educated in London too which designs rocket engines for the Australian military in the Philippines. My father was a plumber and my mother a nurse.

Compared to hers my family is low class. But we have a great marriage, have 3 children together and travel often between UK and Romania where we own property and spend holidays. My brother also married a chinese girl and they are too happily married. Ethnicity has nothing to do with marriage. The question is strange because in all honesty, very few Romanian girls end up marrying outside their group in the UK for example.

It’s a lot more the exception rather than the norm. Whoever asked the question has no clue really what they are talking about.

Do Romanian men prefer foreign women?

Based on previous answers and my knowledge so far, I do not think you can make that statement. Actually, from what I have noticed, most Romanian men living abroad still marry Romanian women. So if anything, I would say Romanian men prefer Romanian women. The common culture and inside jokes that being both Romanian implies, I think makes for a more convincing case to marry another Romanian person.

As a Romanian, I would marry any nationality, but the person would have to be willing to learn my mother tongue, Romanian, and our culture and customs. I would do the same in return. I think sharing that creates a stronger bond between two people.

Why are Romanian women so special?

First of all Romanian women are physically very beautiful (at least the younger generations) and a lot of them are very elegant or dress very nicely.

Second, if you truly gain the heart of a Romanian woman, you will have a partner and a friend for a lifetime, who will always be there for you, to support you. She will fight side by side with you and will do her best for you in all situations.

Not all, but most of Romanian women are very dedicated, meaning they will most likely not deceive you unless you truly give them a reason to do it, for instance if you betray her etc.

There are probably nations who are naturally more beautiful than Romanians, but there are very few nations who have women who can be so passionate and good at sex as Romanian women. Usually Romanian women are not passive pillow type (like most of the western European women are) but try to engage their partner into more dynamic, sensual and deep feelings while having sexual relations.

There are a lot of Romanian women who are very intelligent with who you could talk everything you can imagine about. Many Romanian women cook, and they do it very well when they do it. Romanian women defend their children like lionesses defend their cubs, meaning Romanian women are very dedicated mothers.

When you are with a Romanian women you may feel like all the world is spinning around you and you’re the center of the world, and you feel so happy, accepted and appreciated and the best of all while she is with you.

Simple answer, most of Romanian women are great life partners.

How do I date a romanian women or girl?

Dating Romanian girls is not that much different than any other woman on this Earth (the others Earths I know I will keep for myself, bummer, I know).

Make sure she’s interested in you, treat her with respect, be yourself and have a nice time together! At the moment I’m not aware of any significant cultural differences that you should be aware about, except if you’re oriental…. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I simply have little knowledge about Asian culture (be it Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Arabic and so on – I beg your forgiveness if I messed-up something in this list) and who it would interact with Romanian culture…

A simple word of advice: Romania women, as the great majority of women, like confidence in a man. Of course, there are ones who are more attracted by a shy guy (insert Diana King’s Shy Guy song as background music here), yet I think they are a minority… So, if I’m wrong, don’t correct me, leave me be… It’s already too late for me…

Oh, and they love to laugh. Nothing wrong with deep discussions, but make sure you help her relax her face every once in a while with a good joke. Making her laugh is a sure way of making a good impression.

One more thing; should things go really well and you two get to share a coffee before and a cigarette after (insert wink wink emoji here), make sure you have what’s needed with you. I mean, for God sake, don’t forget your dick… a…. pardon me, dick protector…. shit what were those called???? Condoms? A, yeah… condoms at home. Most women I know leave this task up to the men.

Do not forget: Romanian women can and will be stunningly beautiful. Make sure you remember the golden rule: brain is useful for thinking and fucking…. Dick? Strictly for fucking (and peeing, yeah, but that’s not the point here). Never, I mean never let the dick do any thinking whatsoever!

It’s also okay to fumble and talk gibberish in the presence of a Romanian demi-goddess… just don’t do it to much, excuse yourself with a clever and line, take an emergency cold shower and get your thoughts in order. Fumbling is nice and can be seen and received as a compliment of one’s beauty, just make sure you don’t do it too much….

Uh… that was hard, gotta go drink some water… giving dating advice after 10 years of marriage isn’t as easy as I thought it would be… Well, 7 more years to practice until my son gets old enough to start dating… And God I hope my daughter doesn’t grow older than 5….

P.S.: if what I wrote is somehow offensive, or out of place or I don’t know what ever negative thing you can say about it, you’re not ready to date Romanian women… Let me correct that, you’re not worthy!!

P.S. to P.S.: This is all meant to be funny, don’t take me that seriously!

What makes you say that?

Polish & Romanian women have grown up in more conservative & traditional societies were the difference between the sexes is more pronounced than it is in the UK, & where they are more likely to conform to more traditional gender roles – so – of the men who find Polish & Romanian girls so popular this might be one reason, another reason is – novelty – Polish & Romanian girls do not have the same looks as British girls, so their novelty is appealing, they’re also more likely to be more conservative, modest & traditional in their appearance & behaviour.

It seems highly unlikely that Dumitra from Bucharest or Halina from Bydgoszcz will have too many piercings, tattoos of her ex boyfriends’ names, wear cropped tops with exposed bellies or act like Kayleigh from Barnsley on a hen party in Ibiza . . .

Are Romanian women taught to be submissive?

No. At least I hope so. Even if Romanian society could be regarded at least in part traditional, women are not submissive. There are of course cases of women being forced, but these are generally regarded as abuses and if found are sanctioned. This is my empirical analyses.

Romania I recently found out that has yhe lowest gender gaps in Europe, or at least one of the lowest.

The are differences probably between urban and rural, but generally, women are not submissive in Romania.

Why do so many Albanians and Romanians marry between them?

I guess they are attracted to each other. There are a lot of similarities between the two cultures: some words, the food and the music.

I’m Romanian myself and when I hear Albanians talk in Albanian it sounds like a language I could understand but I don’t… I find Albanians really funny and nice people.

Most Albanians find Romanian women really attractive and sexy, plus not to mention that those countries have a really similar vibe in my opinion… there’s just something about Albanians that attracts me and I don’t really know what it is, maybe the fact that they are foreigners (most Romanians date foreigners) but they are similar to Romanians.

Anyways I think everyone should get a guy/girl that respects and loves them no matter the nationality.

Are Romanian women just passionate or unstable?

I am sure every country has it’s own preconception/legends about their women. Women from region “X” are fierce, women from region “Y” are the most beautifull in the world etc. Of course these legends have a small grain of truth somewhere but as any legend, the rest are generalization/exageration. BUT, since you asked:

The women from the north east of Moldova (Suceava, Iasi, Vaslui region) are considered by the romanian population the most beatifull but also the most stubborn and fierce/aggresive.

The women from Transylvania are considered (especially central-south Transylvania) the best cooks and the best “wife material”

The women from south east (Dobrogea near the seaside) are considered the most submissive and exotic looking

The women from South central (Oltenia, Craiova) are considered hell on earth, explosive, very sharp tongue and attractive in the same time.


It’s important to recognize that generalizations about any group of people, including Romanian women, may not accurately represent the diversity within that group. People are individuals with unique personalities, values, and preferences. While cultural influences can play a role, personal experiences and choices also shape individuals.

That being said, if you are considering a relationship with a Romanian woman or anyone from a different cultural background, it’s crucial to approach it with an open mind and a genuine interest in understanding each other’s perspectives. Romanian culture is influenced by a mix of historical, social, and geographical factors, and individuals within this culture can have varying attitudes, beliefs, and lifestyles.

Some general cultural aspects of Romania include a strong emphasis on family values, hospitality, and respect for tradition. Romanian women, like individuals from any culture, can exhibit a range of qualities and characteristics. Communication, mutual respect, and shared values are often key factors in successful cross-cultural relationships.

It’s essential to approach relationships with cultural sensitivity, avoiding stereotypes and acknowledging the uniqueness of each person. Building a strong and healthy connection requires open communication, understanding, and appreciation for each other’s backgrounds and perspectives.

What are Romanian women like as wives for foreigners?

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