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How do you feel about Sabine now being a Jedi and able to use the force?

How do you feel about Sabine now being a Jedi and able to use the force?

How do you feel about Sabine now being a Jedi and able to use the force?

Sabine isn’t a Jedi; she is force-sensitive.

I understand that Dave is using this to underline the point Luke made in TLJ: that the force exists in every living thing and that it belongs to everyone. There is also the point that a force-sensitive person can develop and improve their connection to the force through training and meditation, as Obi Wan did on Tatoonie. The stronger their connection, the more more one can draw from the Force

Sabine has lost everything; now she has Ezra and is developing her connection with the Force. I liked her better as “just” a Mandalorian; yes, she can be both, but something will be lost in the transition.

However, Dave doesn’t do things like this without a reason, so I’ll have to wait and see what that reason is.

Is sabine force sensitive?

I think it was a bad call. It sends the wrong message.

I was pleasantly surprised in the first few episodes, where she tried so hard but simply couldn’t muster the force. I was expecting a quick and dirty retcon where somehow Sabine awakened her force sensitivity off-screen, but it didn’t happen and I was so happy.

…until the last episode, where I just shouted, “WTF?!”

First, we got to look at what a Jedi is in the Star Wars universe: They are a special group of people who have a half-genetic, half-spiritual (midichlorians) gift. In short, you have to be born with it.

The thing about her without Jedi powers is that it’s actually empowering. It says, “You don’t have to be special to be a hero, let alone a hero that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the legendary Jedi.”

This is as strong as you can get at promoting inclusivity without pushing it on your face. Oh, you’re in a wheelchair? You’re blind? Do you have autism? ADHD? You’re transgender? That’s OK; you too can be a hero!

But her being a Jedi by simply willing it so hard that she became one? It smells good to me. I’ve seen way too much of that “you can have anything if you wish it hard enough” or similar nonsense.

Star Wars is aimed at teens and young adults. Part of being an adult is recognizing your limitations and being comfortable with who you are. And that’s what I was seeing in the series initially: Sabine just doesn’t have it in her to be a Jedi—and not for the lack of trying. Most of us here probably had that moment too. But then we pick up the pieces and try a new approach or find something else that we’re actually good at.

I’d be way happier with the last episode if Sabine simply jet-packed her way like a Mandalorian. She and Ezra would make the extremely deadly Mando-Jedi combo that has been shown time and again throughout Star Wars, complementing each other’s strengths. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be where the plot is going.

Part of all this is my frustration with big companies and entities that “say but do not actually do.”. They make grand gestures about this or that positive thing, but their execution leaves much to be desired. I will admit all this is likely not in the minds of the show creators or Disney, but still, this is something they ought to have thought about while they were writing the script.

[If you think Star Wars is only about silly pew pew laser swords and entertainment, clearly you haven’t paid attention in Episode IV, where the damsel in distress is not your average damsel in distress—as well as many things that came after that movie.]


I have a lot of criticism of Ahsoka, but I like this idea.

  1. She is not a Jedi, she is just stating to learn.
  2. I like the way this idea expands our understanding of the Force while at the same time building on what we know.
    1. We knew that the Force connects all living things.
    2. We also knew that he Force has a lot to do with believing.
    3. Yet at the same time we knew that some people were strong in the Force, more connected to it, and that they could become Jedi.
    4. So what Filoni is telling us is that eve a person with a weak connection still has some connection to the Force, an even a person like that can learn how to connect with the Force.
    5. Rogue One had a similiar idea with the character of Chirrut Imwe, who believed strongly in the Force and at the end his faith enabled him to use it in a limited way.
  3. The idea also helps expand Ahsoka’s character by having her do something unorthodox fro a Jedi perspective and try to teach someone who would be considered to have a weak connection to the Force.
  4. I think the way the show told the story was imperfect, but not terrible. The show tells us that Ahsoka stopped teaching Sabine but doesn’t explain why until the final chapters. At the same time it shows her starting to teach her again in the beginning of the show with relatively little conflict or explanation. The show presents Ahsoka as a confident Jedi in the beginning, but in chapter 5 it starts and ends a story of her being conflicted about her legacy as Anakin’s Padwan. It would probably have been better if they explained Ahsoka’s refusal to teach Sabine in the beginning both with regard to Sabine’s issues as a Mandalorian survivor and with regard to Ahsoka’s inner conflicts. And only then have Ahsoka agree to teach Sabine.

Could Sabine Wren’s new green lightsaber in the “Ahsoka” show indicate that she is now a Force user?

The “new green lightsaber” belongs to Ezra. Sabine is not Force sensitive and cannot effectively wield a lightsaber against a trained, Force sensitive opponent.

As we saw in the Mandalorian, a lightsaber can be used by a non Force sensitive person, but in their hands it is simply a tool, not the weapon of a Jedi.

When Ezra is found, Sabine may return the lightsaber to him, or, if he has crafted another, he may tell her it’s hers. I’m leaning towards the latter.

That lightsaber Sabine currently owns was formerly Ezra’s, and he gave it to her in the Rebels season 4 finale before disappearing with Thrawn into the Unknown Regions. I mean seriously, people really need to watch Rebels in order to understand the full scope of the Ahsoka series.

But, I don’t think she’ll be Force sensitive so to speak, because Kanan said that the Force is in all things, but one has to access it, and he said something about Sabine’s Midichlorians being blocked off. Every living being in Star Wars has the Force in some way, but Jedi and Sith unlock their Force abilities through extensive training. That’s why Anakin became a powerful Jedi Knight during the war. He may have lost all of his potential on Mustafar, but Anakin’s power only increased when he was Darth Vader.

Ahsoka will be training Sabine, and I predict it will be difficult for Sabine to realize her potential as a Force user.

I for one think Sabine being a Mandalorian is the perfect reason why Ahsoka is up for training her. In the Mandalorian Season 2, she refused to train Grogu because of how attached he was to Din Djarin, and she didn’t want him to walk down the same dark path that Anakin did. But on the other hand, the Mandalorians don’t forbid attachment like the Jedi did, so Sabine never had any struggles with that, despite her close connection with her family.

The point is that Sabine will most likely become a non-Force wielding badass who can take on a Dark Jedi. There has been a Mandalorian Jedi like Tarre Vizsla before, but he was Force sensitive and Sabine is most likely not. And with Ahsoka’s assistance, she’ll probably be on the same level of a duelist as Moff Gideon or Sergeant Kreel.

How do you feel about Sabine now being a Jedi and able to use the force?

I can’t wait to see how good the lightsaber battles look in Ahsoka.

To be a Jedi, do you need to be able to use the force or is there a Jedi who can’t use the force at all?

In Legends, there was one Jedi who couldn’t use the Force.

Meet Tionne Solusar. According to Firesetorm, Tionne possessed very little Force powers, in fact, she was barely Force-sensitive. Despite this, Luke made her a Jedi because she really wanted to be one.

Tionne acted as a Jedi historian and banjo player for the Jedi Order. She compiled many records of the Jedi of the Old Republic, knowledge of which was hard to find due to Palpatine’s purge. In fact, she was even made a Jedi Master and put on the Jedi Council.

This wasn’t uncommon, either. To quote Heirs to the Force, Some of the trainees had virtually no Force potential at all, content to be mere historians of Jedi Lore. So, no, you do not need to be Force-sensitive to be a Jedi.

Stay safe,

What does it mean to call someone a “twatwaffle”?

What are the chances that Sabine Wren will become the First Mandalorian Grey Jedi?

Zero. You see, many people are getting the wrong idea about what’s happening in Ahsoka. Sabine’s force sensitivity levels are not on Jedi levels. Ahsoka is training Sabine to open her eyes and use the force to guide her. She is not training her to become a Jedi. She’s helping her be a better her. This is very similar to what the Bendu had to teach Kanan in Rebels season 3. Sabine is ‘blind’ right now and Ahsoka is teaching her to see.

Meet Chirrut Imwe. He was not at all force-sensitive, like Sabine. What he is saying above is that he is one with the force. He allows the force to guide his actions. He is not the only one though, this kind of happened several times before and is what Ahsoka is training Sabine to do.

What are the chances that Sabine Wren will become the First Mandalorian Grey Jedi?

Zero. There is no such thing as a “gray Jedi” and she isn’t the first Mandalorian Force-user. No, Legends did not have “gray Jedi.” They had Jedi and Dark Jedi (mostly fallen Jedi, but sometimes a catch-all for “bad guy Force users who aren’t Sith Lords.”) All it is is something fans came up with because they want to do cool shit like choke people and fry them with lightning but claim it’s all okay because their intentions are good.

That is not the message in any Star Wars media. There is a reason Luke stops himself from hacking Vader to death and Rey’s terrified when she lets her rage get the better of her and she fries the ship: THEY KNOW THESE ARE BAD THINGS THEY SHOULDN’T DO NO MATTER HOW JUSTIFIED THEY FEEL.

Jedi. Is. A. Religion. It’s not a generic term for “Force user.” The Force (as OT Yoda and ST Luke try to drive into thick-skulled students) is not some magic power system special wizard people learn. It’s everywhere and in everything.

Some people have an easier time learning to use it, but that doesn’t mean only they and they alone have access to it. Ahsoka is not teaching her to “Be a Jedi.” She had a front-row seat to how rigid adherence to that ancient religion worked out in the end. She’s teaching her to use the Force. Ideally, without using it for evil purposes.

Now, if thirty years on Rey and whatever other non-evil Force users are around want to create what’s functionally a new, First Church of Jedi Reformed system and CALL it being a Jedi, then those are Jedi. But unless she signs up for it and begins adhering to whatever philosophical system they create, Sabine is not a Jedi just because she moves stuff with her mind.

Is Filoni actually going to change “accepted Canon” regarding the minimum requirements for a Jedi knight in Star Wars? In other words, is he planning on making Sabine a Jedi knight, even though she basically has “little to none” force powers?

How do you feel about Sabine now being a Jedi and able to use the force?

Ahsoka isn’t a Jedi.

She does what she wants.

If she wants to take on a barely Force sensitive member of the Jedi’s greatest ancestral enemies as her apprentice, then who exactly is going to stop her?

What are some potential outcomes if Sabine becomes a new type of Jedi who can’t use the Force but fights for good in the Galaxy?

If Sabine were to become a new type of Jedi who cannot use the Force but still fights for good in the Galaxy, there are several potential outcomes:

1. Unique Skillset: Sabine’s lack of Force abilities could lead her to develop a unique skillset that compensates for her limitations. She might become highly skilled in combat techniques, strategy, or technological expertise, making her a formidable ally in battles against the dark side.

2. Symbol of Hope: Sabine’s journey as a non-Force-sensitive Jedi could inspire others who feel disconnected from the Force. She could become a symbol of hope for those who believe that anyone, regardless of their Force sensitivity, can make a positive impact in the Galaxy.

3. New Jedi Philosophy: Sabine’s experiences could lead to the development of a new Jedi philosophy that emphasizes the importance of non-Force abilities and the potential for good they hold. This could challenge traditional notions of what it means to be a Jedi and broaden the understanding of the Force.

4. Allies and Adversaries: Sabine’s unique path might attract both allies and adversaries. Some Jedi and Force-sensitive individuals may question her legitimacy, while others could see her as a valuable ally who brings a fresh perspective to the Jedi Order.

5. Galactic Recognition: Sabine’s actions and achievements could gain recognition throughout the Galaxy, earning her respect and admiration from various factions. Her story could become a legend, inspiring future generations to embrace their own unique strengths and fight for good.

It’s important to note that these outcomes are speculative and depend on the specific circumstances and choices made by Sabine in her journey as a non-Force-sensitive Jedi.

Can Jedi use the force to fly?


Here’s why I say that. If anyone knew how to use the force to fly, it would be Yoda, Grandmaster of the Jedi Order. Yet he uses a powerchair to fly.

Plus, flying would be super helpful. If Jedi could fly, Obi-Wan’s high ground would be useless. He could just fly away from Order 66.

How do you feel about Sabine now being a Jedi and able to use the force?

That said, Jedi can use the force to jump farther and faster.

So, Jedi can’t fly, but they can increase their jump distance.

Stay safe,

Why would Ahsoka be interested in creating a better version of the Jedi that includes unorthodox members like Sabine Wren?

Ahsoka Tano has a unique perspective on the Jedi Order. She was trained by one of the most respected Jedi Masters, Anakin Skywalker, but she also witnessed the Order’s downfall firsthand. After leaving the Jedi Order, Ahsoka became disillusioned with its rigid rules and traditions. She came to believe that the Jedi needed to change in order to better serve the galaxy.

Sabine Wren is a perfect example of the kind of Jedi that Ahsoka wants to train. Sabine is a skilled warrior and a talented artist, but she is also fiercely independent and unconventional. Ahsoka believes that Sabine’s unique perspective and abilities would make her a valuable asset to the Jedi Order.

Here are some specific reasons why Ahsoka might be interested in creating a better version of the Jedi that includes unorthodox members like Sabine Wren:

  • To make the Jedi more adaptable and effective. The Jedi Order was often criticized for being too rigid and dogmatic. This made it difficult for the Jedi to adapt to changing circumstances and to deal with new threats. Ahsoka believes that a more diverse and unorthodox Jedi Order would be better able to protect the galaxy.
  • To bridge the gap between the Jedi and other cultures. The Jedi Order was often seen as being aloof and out of touch with the rest of the galaxy. This led to distrust and conflict between the Jedi and other groups. Ahsoka believes that a more diverse Jedi Order would be better able to connect with and understand other cultures.
  • To create a more inclusive Jedi Order. The Jedi Order was traditionally very selective in its recruitment and training. This meant that many people, including those from marginalized groups, were excluded from the Jedi Order. Ahsoka believes that a more inclusive Jedi Order would be more representative of the galaxy and would be better able to serve all of its people.

Ahsoka’s vision for a new Jedi Order is still in its early stages, but it is clear that she wants to create an Order that is more adaptable, effective, inclusive, and connected to the rest of the galaxy. Sabine Wren is a perfect example of the kind of Jedi that Ahsoka wants to train.

How do you feel about Sabine now being a Jedi and able to use the force?

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