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Is it normal to cry every night?

Is it normal to cry every night?

Is it normal to cry every night?

We have all cried in our lifetime, but for someone to cry every night, there must be an event, most likely traumatic or extremely hurtful, which occurred to make you feel this way. For the past few months, I have found myself in a position where not a single night goes by without crying myself to sleep. After a while, it becomes draining on your physical well-being. You develop a depressing state of mentality, which exponentially becomes worse with each passing day.

While sometimes you can feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders after you cry your heart out (which is healthy), there are some cases where you can feel even heavier just waiting for the day to pass by so you can cry your sorrows away again, (which can be chronic and most definitely unhealthy). 

What does it mean when you cry a lot at night? Conditions like anxiety, depression, or burnout can all cause bouts of crying at night for seemingly no reason. However, nighttime can mean alone time for many people, which may leave room for thoughts to rise that had been pushed under the surface due to the busyness of the day.

Crying is a normal emotional response to many different factors. However, frequent, uncontrollable, or unexplained crying can be emotionally and physically exhausting and can greatly affect daily life. This type of crying may result from a mental health condition, such as burnout, anxiety, or depression.

The sensations you feel while sleeping and the emotions you experience before bed may cause you to wake up crying. If you wake up crying from a bad dream, that is your body’s response to the weight of the suppressed emotion.

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If you are somehow experiencing the latter, you need a hug, *hugs* and a life reevaluation because it’s not nice trying to sleep with a blanket and pillow drenched in tears. Lets know about that, Is it normal to cry every night? 🙁

Is it normal to cry every night?

  1. You need to sit down and identify the reason why you are hurting. I don’t know your situation, so I can only give personal examples (someone you cared about said something hurtful to you, losing a friend, worrying about a sick parent, rejection, or you’re just going through a phase in your life where you’re stuck.
  2. You need to talk to someone. I’m assuming you’re feeling extremely lonesome, and while it’s true that no one can know exactly how you feel, they can sympathize with you. While we can feel a bit uncomfortable/ vulnerable, opening up to someone and bottling up your feelings isn’t going to get you anywhere.
  3. You need to stay active. I’ve realized that when you keep busy, you tend to be distracted from whatever is bothering you. Staying in bed the whole day won’t do. Find a hobby, invite a few friends over for company, spend some time with your family, indulge in new experiences, and check off a few things on your bucket list.
  4. Before bedtime, try listening to uplifting music or watching a movie (preferably a comedy of some sort), something positive.
  5. You need to resolve the reason why you’re feeling sad. If someone has hurt you, then you need to talk to them and get closure. The person may not have intentionally wanted to hurt you, or you may have been over-sensitive about a situation. If someone, however, had intentionally hurt or bullied you, then you need to forgive them. Who knows, they are probably going through worse situations than you are, so it is important always to be kind; after all, “forgiveness lets you fly.” If you’re feeling sad about your life in general, e.g. Not getting accepted into your university of choice or getting that dream job, get out there and work harder, try harder, and keep yourself busy.
  6. All of the above have been personal experiences I’ve faced, and like I said, I cannot know your situation. If none of those tips helped, you may need to seek professional help. Go to a therapist or a counsellor. You may be suffering from clinical depression, of which you may need professional help.

I hope that this was helpful in some way and that you overcome this dilemma. Remember that there are lots of people who go through similar situations. You are not alone!

P.S- petting a puppy can help as well. Is it normal to cry every night? 😉

Is it normal to cry every night?

Well, have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I cry so much?” Believe it or not, you’re definitely not alone. Whether it’s over a breakup, a disappointing review at work, or the loss of a loved one, shedding a tear or two is a normal aspect of life. “Crying is an excellent way of releasing emotions and processing difficult situations.

Some people weep every day and are genuinely sad. And if you’re tearful about activities that are normal in your life every day, that could be depression. And that is not natural and can be handled. You have to identify the root cause of your crying at night. Besides depression, it can be a lack of sleep, anxiety, or anything else, so unless you find the cause, you won’t feel good.

Maybe you need someone to share your problems, or you don’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone, so until and unless you open up, you won’t progress.

When you’re sad, think of the things that make you happy or stuff that made you happy once in the past if you feel like crying. You’ll see a smile on your crying face immediately. Thinking of the happier times of your life when you are crying, I know it would not be easy, but practice makes a man perfect.
It’s your story, and you’re the author, so change it, buddy.
I recommend you go through my answer if it helps! 😊

Why do I feel the urge to cry every night?

Because you have lost self-worth ( the most valuable thing), you face something that has hurt your self-worth and made you feel a lack of confidence, grace and every soft feel of yours. Someone close has hurt you.


The problem is when one gives the remote control of happiness to someone, which needs to be corrected. Only you can value your happiness. If one gives control to someone and when they don’t value it and hurt, you are broken and shattered.

You go through this pain because you try to keep yourself busy the whole day so that you don’t want to feel hurt and get busy doing everything. But at night, when you sleep and have nothing to do, your mind gets free and flushes all the frustrations inside your head it was constantly thinking. You feel that you avoid all problems by being busy, but it runs in the background unconsciously.


Talk to yourself and take back the control you have given to someone. It will be difficult in the beginning; you will start trying, still fail and feel hurt. Still, keep trying and pretend that you ate great. Train your mind to pretend to be strong, and you will learn to behave naturally, and you will get strong.

Concentrate on small achievements, challenge yourself every day to do something you haven’t done before. It can be any small thing. I used to run and try to run 30 sec extra than what I usually can run at a stretch. So if I can run 3 min at a stretch, I challenge myself to run 3 min 30 sec. And when I was able to run even 30 sec more, I got the world’s best happiness.

Small achievements help you get confidence slowly and steadily. Hope this helps. Based on personal experience from the sad phase to the confident one.

I hate myself. I cry every night. Why do I feel so depressed?

Disclaimer: it’s going to be a very long answer. Hey, listen. I know how you feel. First of all, understand that only you can help yourself more effectively and quickly than anybody else. I’ve been in a similar situation. I fought hard, very hard. I still fight it sometimes.

You know, our mind is a vicious thing. It makes us believe things which are not true and takes us to places we never knew existed within us. You can’t control your mind; it is what you think your heart thinks, but most importantly, it’s YOU. Don’t consider your mind as a different entity which you have to tame or control. It’s just you. You are your brain, who controls everything.

Right now, your thoughts are a little astray, and it’s you who can bring it all together. How?


You have to trust yourself. Tell me, do you want to feel the way you do? NO, right. You know, sometimes it happens that we unconsciously start liking the state we are in and never make an effort to get out of it. We think we are making an effort, but in reality, we are not. I can’t say much about you, but that was/is the case with me. 

Friends, I was mentally stuck in an endless loop where I wanted to get out, but I started loathing myself unconsciously. I pitied myself and started using my unfit mental state as an excuse not to give my best. It wasn’t very good. I wanted to get out, but I was too involved in suffering myself.

It was impossible to try to explain it to somebody. Because,

  1. I didn’t really know how exactly I felt, what I felt and why I felt so.
  2. I thought nobody would understand. I did try to tell people about it sometimes, but they have yet to really understand. That was even worse, so I stopped telling.

Everybody used to tell me what to do without understanding that I had no willpower to do it. I used to do online research about depression a lot, which made it even worse. So, if you are doing that, then STOP. The more you think about it, the more you’ll feel it. The person writing online has a different story than yours; he feels differently. And you don’t have to feel how they felt.

You have to fight yourself; we all do it all the time. It is just one big battle, and you’ll win it. I know it’s hard, but stop thinking about your friend. She could not fight her battle against herself, but if you know what she did was wrong, then she did a great thing for you. She eliminated one incorrect option for you. Taking you one step towards winning this battle.

Is it normal to cry every night?

Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself what it is that you dislike about yourself. If it’s something genetic, then don’t even bother about it; for the rest, if you want, you can change it the way you like. You’re at a turning point in your life, my friend. You might not see it now; everything might seem dark and messy, but remember you cannot connect the dots looking forward; dots are always connected looking backwards.

We keep evolving with time, and right now, you’ll evolve like anything. You know, most people don’t even admit that they need to improve because they think they are perfect, and they end up being obnoxious and arrogant. You’ll be humble, as you know you are not perfect. 

Nobody is perfect since nobody is imperfect. You can be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. You are the one who has to set benchmarks for yourself. Others are not your benchmarks. And you already took your first big step. Congrats on that. Is it normal to cry every night? 🙂

Is it normal to cry every night?

You realize you have to be better than you are now. Crying and hating yourself is not helping, or is it? Apart from troubling you and your loved ones. Then, look at yourself in the eye in that mirror, dust yourself up and tell yourself that you won’t sit and cry on nothing. You’ll do something about it. Force that smile on your face and for everybody you see on your way. At first, it will seem like an exercise, but in no time, you’ll start doing it naturally. And trust me, it will make you feel better.

The brain is being decisive to you, and now you start being decisive to it. Tell yourself you are good, even if you don’t feel it. You are the master of yourself, and you feel how you want to feel. It’s a lot more difficult, but at least worth the effort and a lot better than crying and hating yourself. Engage yourself (brain) in conversation with yourself. Talk to it, and ask yourself why you feel the way you do. What is it? What do you want? Once you are fruitfully busy, all the negative thoughts will go away.

If you think negatively, everything negative will happen to you. If you think positive, everything around you will be positive.

🙂 I hope this long answer was helpful. Is it normal to cry every night?

Why do I feel so sad at night but fine in the day?

I can share my experiences, but I will suggest you consult a really good counsellor in your city. You might be unknowingly slipping or already slipping into depression. I have had my bouts of depression, especially after my separation from my wife. 

Before I slipped into a long-term depression, I would go through mood swings. I would feel positive and confident in the morning, but by 6 pm, I would be agitated and aggressive. There were multiple times in a day when my mood would swing.

I don’t know your age or other circumstances. Has it always happened since you were a child, or have you experienced it lately? Such broad emotional swings can happen based on a multitude of factors ranging from midlife crisis to pre-midlife crisis to an event that happened in the past but whose impact is felt in the current day. 

It could be hormonal disbalance or lack of grief in some past event. Also, in general, I have seen as human beings, our brains are wired to let our guards down during nighttime. For example, the tendency to watch your diet during the start of the day, but by night, you are munching on whatever is there in the kitchen. If you are not facing any mental health issues, yet you feel sad, then definitely you must consult a psychologist as it could be something else.

How to cope with it?

  1. Stop alcohol and any addiction you have. Once you start feeling better, you may start drinking socially. Alcohol tends to swing moods; it’s a depressant, and we cheer with it to celebrate something.
  2. Exercise, start running, and do cardio. It will keep your blood pressure normal and you healthy. It has helped me to calm me down. As per the study, running helps in releasing Endorphins that help in stress relief.
  3. Consult a good counsellor, probably a clinical psychologist. Refrain from antidepressants (but that’s the doctor’s call). Low-dose sleeping pills are ok. I took antidepressant pills, and it made me a zombie. Low confidence, lost interest in anything, afraid to do anything.
  4. Travel, my friend, travel. Save money by travelling with friends or alone in different countries or cities in your own country. I did it, and helped me get a better perspective in life. Self-confidence boost.
  5. Eat healthy, lots of water and decrease caffeine. What we eat, what we become. My everyday meat consumption was giving me heartburn, acidity, bad bowel, and gut microbes went to a toss. All these had an impact on how I felt if there is an underlying health issue that will amply your mental state during the night even more.
  6. Sleep early, by 9:00 or 9:30. I did that to face less of the night and more of the morning when I am at my best. It also means when you feel sad, you do not eat more.
  7. Every day in the office, wishes at least 2 colleagues’ well-being in your mind. Think good about them. If you are not going to the office, do that to your friends. It was hard. I forget sometimes to do this, but over some time, it will help you to empathise with others. This works in your favour in your mind. Your brain will reward you in its ways. Remember, the more negativity you harbour in your mind will add up to your ‘bring sad’ torment.
  8. Start meditating. Google out ways to meditate. My favourite is focusing on your breathing. Mindfulness of breathing. This has helped me a lot, especially in the morning for 10 minutes.
  9. Stay away from social media. It will keep you awake late at night and prevent you from doing productive work or even taking care of yourself when you need to be focussing on yourself. If you are sad, you could end up depending on social media. Get you hooked up, addicted, and severely deteriorate your ability to bounce back from your depression.

I wish you luck; don’t fall for the depression pitfalls. It’s your brain, and you can take control of it and your life. It’s just a passing phase; more than 2/3rd people are currently going through it. You are not alone. Just learn to cope with it and outlive it.

How many of you cry before sleeping?

Originally Answered: How many of you cry before sleeping?

I can relate to you 100%. I used to cry every night, thinking about the past. And I every night wonder where I was wrong and why it all did happen. Is there my mistake? Or do I need to be better to deserve anything?

But, I suddenly one day realised that crying was not helping me either. Well, crying won’t change anything.

I stopped crying for that person. Because

  1. I learned if he had ever loved me, he wouldn’t make me cry ever.

2. Why cry for a person who doesn’t value you?

3. if he doesn’t care even when I’m crying, then don’t waste your tears.

4. The person who talks to everyone nicely ( especially girls) but not to you, and when you ask him about this. he rudely replies to you, “Because I dont like talking to you.” Then he is not worth crying for.

5. If he had humanity, then he wouldn’t have left me in ill condition. Then why should I be sad for a selfish person!!

I realised that I never loved myself when I was in love with him. I used to find faults in myself. But after he left, I started focusing on myself. I made a list of where I should improve myself to prove to him that he was wrong. Every time. He committed a big mistake, leaving me over a stupid girl. I stopped crying at the very moment when he said, “Get lost bitch. It’s over.”

I respected my self-respect. And never cried after that. Why cry for a person who doesn’t value you? I’m happy. I’m free from a most depressive relationship. I enjoy being myself. Because I fall for myself. 🙂

I hope it helps. God bless you, dear.

Is it normal for me to cry every day at night?


It is a sign of an anxiety disorder of some type. There may be holistic remedies to try at first that can be highly effective in many cases.

1. B-50 complex

Break these tablets into 1/2 and take 1/2 per day for 3 days and then off 2 days and repeat. B vitamins are amazing for brain function and energy boosting.

2. selenium

This vital mineral is responsible for ALL PROPER THYROID FUNCTION, and when the thyroid malfunctions, all sorts of brain issues can happen.

3. 5-htp

HTP is an abbreviation for a word too long to attempt to pronounce, but what this is = is a NATURAL SUBSTANCE that promotes the body making certain BRAIN CHEMICALS that we are supposed to be making. Still, in many cases, we need to make more.

Maybe the biggest brain chemical it boosts is serotonin, and when you have a proper level of serotonin, you can not be depressed or have any form of anxiety issue. Those 3 things can perform WONDERS for you and are all 100% NATURAL and completely safe, and also INEXPENSIVE. You could find all 3 for $25 COMBINED.

Now, once those have been tried for a month or so If there are any further issues, then seek a NUTRITIONAL DOCTOR so body chemical analysis can be done. Then a proper amount of NUTRIENTS AND MINERALS etc can be applied.

If that should fail, you may seek counselling, and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH DOING THAT, even though some societies place a stigma and shame upon it. Over the years, I have seen many people have complete turnarounds from those 3 nutrients above, and even I used them all along as nutritional support.

I feel miserable almost every day. I easily cry over something that hurts me (or something related to it), and sometimes for no reason. What’s wrong with me?

How long has your crying been going on? If it’s been more than a week, medical advice is typically to check in with your healthcare provider. (I’m not a medical professional.) Crying easily and feeling miserable are typically signs of depression. When you cry because you feel hurt (emotionally) and you “normally” would not be that emotional about it, that also suggests depression. 

When you cry “for no reason,” you actually are crying for a reason; you’re just not conscious of what it is. If you’re anything like me, even happy things can make you cry when you’re depressed– thinking of something kind someone has done for you, for example. Some people feel miserable and cry easily due to high anxiety. But often, that degree of anxiety is manifested (in part) by depression.

Meanwhile (until you can see a health professional), here are a few practices that might help. Or not; everyone is different.

  1. Listen to uplifting music– music that is not nostalgic for you, music that is not sad or angry in its lyrics.
  2. Be sure you are getting 7-8 hours/night of deep sleep. (Try home remedies first, like a cup of camomile tea or a small bowl of milk and low-sugar cereal before bed.)
  3. Let the tears out, but attempt to bring yourself back to a quieter mental state afterwards. Tears release hormones that can be quite helpful in dissipating the underlying tension you feel. But it’s important to do what you can after “a good cry” to calm yourself down.
  4. Close your eyes and take a few deep, slow breaths at least every 2 hours. Be careful not to do too many of these breaths as they can cause hyperventilation.
  5. Jot down what “losses” you have had in the past 3-6 months: Have you lost a friend? A family member? A pet? A job? Has someone you care about deeply disappointed you (another kind of loss)? Have you lost something else that meant a lot to you? Have you disappointed yourself in some major way (another kind of loss)? Writing this list might bring tears, which is just fine. Knowing what’s at the root of your emotional state will be really helpful in recovering from it.
  6. Do not self-medicate. No alcohol (which is a depressant) or over-the-counter drugs that you think might help. These substances can worsen your symptoms considerably!

I’m sorry that you are feeling miserable and crying frequently. Get help. Is it normal to cry every night?

How do I stop crying myself to sleep every night?

OK. We’re going to help you get through this step by step. Got it? Good.

Step 1: Why?

Why are you crying yourself to sleep every night? Will it affect you drastically in five years? Cancel out the problem. Ask yourself, why am I so deeply affected by this? Deep breaths. Think about happy things. Remember the good times; keep your mind focused on them when you go to bed, and zero in on them. Think about nothing but how happy these moments make you. Go to sleep. Rest easy.

Step 2: How?

How do you get rid of the problem? How can I? If not, don’t worry. Deep breaths again. You can make it. You don’t need all this poison in your life. If you can’t do anything about it, why worry about it? If there is a way, do it. Fix the problem. Make it better. Cancel out the pain. There is no pain. You don’t need to feel pain.

Step 3: What Now?

Be happy. Do what makes you happy. Skip the sad thoughts. You can get through this, I repeat: you can get through this. Tell someone if you can. Someone you 100% trust, someone who will never let you down. If you don’t have anyone like that, console yourself by yourself. Be independent. Be your moon. You can only feel sad if you let yourself feel sad, so don’t.

I hope you feel better soon and stop crying so much! 🙂 Is it normal to cry every night?

I have been crying almost every day for 3 years now, mostly when I am alone in the evenings. What should I do?

Did you face any loss, any incident, or anything that you know of that hurt you deeply since childhood until now? Let it out one by one. I am in the same boat, the same 3 years, every day. Sometimes, it is because of some past/ present wounds, sometimes out of nothing but stress/ loneliness.

Just yesterday, while taking a hot shower, I could not take it anymore, burst into tears and sat down on the floor. Cried and could not stop. I hugged myself tightly and told myself that I would get through this. I will! Trust me, I am here for you Always! I dont talk to myself like that usually, but it came out of somewhere inside.

I suggest you visit a counsellor/ therapist. However, it did not help me much, only that I could totally open up with no judgements. She diagnosed me with depression. I have not been taking medications for it. But just forcing myself to stick to a routine, eating healthy and exercising.

Something that has really helped me is writing down my feelings and analysing where it is coming from every time I feel low. Writing helps the feeling pass by. Dont feel weak or helpless; one day, when you look back at your journey through this dark and long tunnel, you will know that you stayed strong and dealt with it gracefully, and it did not take away anything from you but made you stronger and wiser.

Sometimes, we dont discuss things openly with close ones so as not to disturb them or bring them down to where we are. Support groups, writing your heart out on Quora can sometimes be really healing.

I cry almost every night for no reason sometimes, and I don’t know what else to do. What kind of help should I look for if I don’t know why this happens to me?

Dear Friend, Sending your way good wishes and prayers that you should feel the presence of God within and find peace. Being joyful is the natural state of mind. We have forgotten that because we focus so much on material comforts and commercial success, compare ourselves with others and forever chase success.

It is my experience as a student and teacher of yoga that practising yoga meditation can have wonderful positive effects on the body and mind. Just being aware of your breathing is a great form of meditation. 

I have three suggestions for you:

1. Join a yoga class to experience the benefits:

  1. You will practice with a group of people, so you will feel the positive field and find the connection.
  2. You will learn to become aware of your body, mind and breathing. It will help you connect with yourself.
  3. It will improve your overall health and wellness.

2. Read good books – Scriptures like The Ramayana, Mahabharata or whichever similar book in other religions. Autobiographies of great leaders. Books like “The Alchemist” or any of Robin Sharma’s books. Or even the Harry Potter series. Reading a good storybook is a wonderful distraction.

3. Plan to do something different every day – Start writing a story, drawing and colouring, visit a new place, meet new people, do something good for others, practice compassion, and visit temples. (Temples have a positive field.)

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I just read a quote by Zig Ziglar today: “ You cannot find a strong person who has had an easy past. It is only through struggles that we discover the strength in ourselves.” My sincere wishes and prayers for your health and happiness. God bless. Is it normal to cry every night?

Conclusion: Is it normal to cry every night?

Crying is a way your body expresses itself. They say tears are words the heart can’t say. Henceforth, crying is normal. In contrast, crying every night is not. It is very rare for someone to cry every or nearly every night. There might be some things distressing your mind leading to this occurrence.

Ask yourself, is something wrong? If so, consult a psychiatrist immediately. It avoids future consequences, including mental illness and failure to do simple things in our daily lives. At least consult a trusted individual. They may have faced the same consequence as the one you are facing right now. 🙂

Why do I keep crying every night for no reason? Something must not be complete in your life. YOU may need to be completed. This is a sign of emotional loneliness. No one gets you or understands you. Better yet, no one hears you. You need something emotionally that no one cares enough about to fix. I’ve been there, my friend, alone in your room in a house with loved ones who don’t have a clue what you need. That includes a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. 

I never experienced such loneliness until I was married with children. You may have a lot of people around you who tell you how much they care about you, but they still don’t know what you really need. The more you’re emotionally alone, the more you cry. The best way to fix this is to find someone who is experiencing the same thing that you are. Then, you will be able to pull yourself out of it by helping them cope.

Is it normal to cry every night?

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