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Is Grenlander Tyre a good brand? I don’t have much to spend.

Grenlander Tyre

Is Grenlander Tyre a good brand? I don’t have much to spend. Review

Greenlander Tyre is a budget tire brand that is manufactured and sold primarily in China and other Asian countries. While the brand may offer affordable tire options, the quality and performance of their tires may not be as high as more established, premium tire brands.

It’s important to note that the quality and performance of tires can have a significant impact on safety and driving experience, so it’s generally recommended to invest in high-quality tires from reputable brands if possible. Premium tire brands typically offer better handling, traction, and durability, which can result in improved safety and performance on the road.

That being said, if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford premium tire brands, Greenlander Tyres may provide a suitable option for your needs. It’s important to research and compare different tire brands and models to find the best option for your budget and driving needs.

When shopping for tires, it’s also important to consider factors such as the climate and driving conditions in your area, as well as the type of vehicle you have, in order to find the right tire for your specific needs. Additionally, be sure to check reviews and ratings from other customers to get a sense of the quality and reliability of the tires you are considering.

Is Grenlander Tyre a good brand? I don’t have much to spend. Review

LongYue Rubber Co. LTD. introduced the Grenlander Tyres in August 2011. It is built in large & modern factories with advanced technology. It is a new & budget-friendly tyre brand from china offering full high-quality. Even though, it provides high-performance in off-road conditions. Plus, it’s also best for commercial vehicles that demand service work. It’s comfortable for all cars, SUVs, light trucks, and heavy trucks. All the models are specially designed to deliver excellent performance. Moreover, it meets all the requirements of today’s driver. The main motive of this Brand is to provide exceptional quality tyres at an affordable range.

  • Reduced road vibrations
  • Summer weather traction
  • Tread Pattern improves the tire’s controllability.
  • Horizontal Steps Leading higher rigidity & Less Noise
  • Small Knurl Design Eliminates Pumping Generated & Further reduce the driving noise

Grenlander tyres. What is your experience with Grenlander tyres? Is it worth the money paid?

I have no experience with this brand. However, the name would suggest a Chinese brand. I have used some of the China tires, and without a doubt they will hold air. but don’t do very well in the wear department. They are cheaper, but not a bargain. on the other end… Don’t waste your money on Michelin tires, as they have eliminated the chemicals to resist dry rot in the sidewalls due to the ultraviolet rays. If you can wear them out in two or three years, no worries. If not, you can almost see them rot. so I used to be a big fan. no longer as I consider them way overpriced and not a good investment…Try the Korean brands. KUMO …HANKOOK…are really good value and last very well.

What are the bids and awards committee (BAC)?

Does it matter what brand of tires you put on your car?

Not so much the brand; you can still buy expensive tires with a familiar brand name and still come up “tire poor.”

Case in point: Continental tires. This is a picture of a Continental tire on my Mercedes-Benz with 19,000 miles on it.

The tire is run-flat and not a cheap one. A replacement tire goes for $290.00. Yes, that’s almost $300.00 for one. Oh yes, the $290 is just for the tire. Add on another $20 to $30 for mount and balance.

While it handles well with my model car, I’m not a huge fan of Continental quality. I replaced three Continentals on my previous Benz due to sidewall bubbles. Every single day in service, we have customers coming in for service issues with their Continentals.

Is Grenlander a good tyre brand?

Hey friends, Grenlander brand tyres should only be considered if you are on an extreme budget. They are of entry-level quality—nothing special. In fact, many within the tire industry consider them Chinese POS!

You can do much better with the same money.

What brand of tires should you stay away from? Which brand of tyres last the longest?

If you’re looking to replace the tires on your car or truck, you’ll probably want to know which tire companies are most recommended as well as those that are best to avoid. There are many quality tire manufacturers that provide good-quality tires for American consumers. While most of the better-quality tires are made by American manufacturers, there are some high-quality imported tires as well. However, there are some imported tires that you should definitely avoid.

Brands of Tires to Avoid at All Costs

In recent years, many Chinese tire manufacturers have come under attack for making substandard and unsafe tires available for sale in the United States. Furthermore, some Chinese manufacturers have been the subject of forced recalls by many state Attorney Generals and the Federal Trade Commission. While there are many variations of Chinese import tires that have come under attack, companies that have been the subject of forced government recalls include:

  • Westlake Tires
  • AKS Tires
  • Telluride tires
  • Compass Tires

All of these brands of cheap tires are made by the China-based Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company; furthermore, it is alleged that these tires lack even the most basic of safety features such as gum strips which are a rubber feature that helps prevent steel belts inside the tire from separating or damaging the rubber.

Is Grenlander Tyre a good brand? I don’t have much to spend review

While these 4 brands are definitely brands you should stay away from, many motor industry experts recommend staying away from Chinese brands altogether. While some Chinese-made tires are a little better than the brands mentioned above, most Chinese-imported tires lack safety and performance features such as belt stiffeners, bead wedges and nylon cap plies that are considered to be industry standards these days. In short, don’t buy cheap, imported Chinese tires.

If you’re searching for good values on discounted tires, consider tires from quality American manufacturers like Goodyear or Cooper Tires. All of these companies offer low-cost, high-quality tires that will fit most budgets.

What’s the Difference Between Off Brand Tires and Normal Brand Tires?

Most people are not sure about the safety of using off brand tires on their vehicles. You may have wondered about the difference between your normal brand tires and the off brand tires that seem to be relatively unknown, and only available in certain parts of the country. The truth is, there is no difference when it comes to quality standards between the two. Almost all off brand tires are manufactured by the normal brand tire manufacturers. Though they will produce the off brands for specific dealers. For example, the manufacturers of Goodyear tires also manufacture Douglas tires, which are sold by Wal-Mart. Buying off brand tires will actually save you money, as they tend to be cheaper than normal brand tires.

Can You Mix a Brand Name Tire With 3 other Different Brand Tires?

Most manufacturers deliver a car with a brand name tire set. The reason for this is not just uniformity, but there are also safety considerations as to why you should not mix different brand name tires. Each tire is manufactured with particular specifications on tread life, temperature, speed rating and tread pattern. So despite being of similar width and height, two tires of different brand names are not the same. Having your car fitted with different brand name tires will reduce handling and traction, which means reduced safety for you. So the short answer to the question of having your car fitted with a mix of brand tires is no, for your own safety.

What are Private Brand Tires?

Simply put, private brand tires are tires that are manufactured by one company but sold and distributed by another company. Private brand tires are almost always produced by the same companies that produce name brand tires. Name brand manufactures will often produce private brand tires to make sure that they maximize on production capacity. They will apply the same materials, production lines and manpower to make the tires, which they do not have to go and market themselves. Private brand tires will often be cheaper than the similar name brand tires. Though they will be of similar quality as they undergo the same testing and have to meet quality assurance standards set by the government. Thus, serves you the same as the name brand tires.

How much should you spend on new tires for your car?

Spend as much as necessary to achieve the performance, look and treadlife you want. Cheap tires offer little in terms of what’s listed above. Tires are like shoes, do your research.

I don’t really have a limit on what I’ll spend. It all depends on what I want out of them. For a sports car I want traction and handling so I buy a tire that meets that criteria for the best deal I can find. For a truck I want an aggressive tire that will do well off road, so I buy a good-quality tire known for its attributes. Cost is secondary to performance. I spent close to $500 each for 4 tires for my off road truck a few years ago. That’s $2000 USD for a set of 4 tires, but I needed a tire that would do what I expected and needed.

Buy the tires that will do what you want at the price you want to pay. There’s really no limit, it just depends on your financial situation and what you expect out of your tires.

Is Ceat Milaze a good tyre brand?

Had an life threatening experience…

Always being a fan of michelin tyres but after hearing that Ceat is providing 100k Miles warranty so i though to give it a try.

But what a disappointment

Only after running it for 24k km the tyre got cut on his edges so i went to the dealer to replace it, but initially he refused to aacept it as he was saying he didn’t sell that to me after producing the bill he agreed and sent the tyre for replacement but as expected the they said the tyres got rejected for some blah blah reasons…

Let me tell you the funny side they never called me back saying the tyre has arrived, only when i called them they said it has already came back rejected…

The owner stop answering the phones once he has ur number, so i have to call him with different numbers to reach him… And i bought the tyre in 2018 and the dealer gave me the tyre which was manufactured in 2017…

Which means it was already a year old.

They said it’s just a minor scratch and u can drive with it, So u tell me if u r driving a car with ur family on a highway can you really feel safe with such tyre condition…. Who will be responsible if any major accidents happens…

And it’s not like my car was driven on mountains or always standing in sunlight, i have covered parking, so there is no issue about it,

Really disappointed with Ceat as it claims 100k km warranty but the tyres gets ridden by driving only 24k km plus the customer service was unprofessional.

Which is better, Goodyear or Bridgestone?

I have heard some good reviews about Bridgestone regarding its longevity, but I have not used them till date. My honda came with Goodyear in stock, and my experience with Goodyear is not Good. One among the five lost its life less than 20k kms. Still I managed to clock 40k by doing 5 tyre rotation. The tyre literally had multiple punctures very close to each other. It was not made by me or others, the tyre started bleeding out air through those tiny multiple punctures.

I managed to fix it partially by using a mushroom puncture kit. For the rest of its life, i filled air almost every other day to keep it running. Then I switched to other brand and there is no such problem seen in the next 40k kms. I am planning change them in another 5-10k kms to Bridgestone as I drive around 2k kms every month, hope I would get atleast 60k kms with Bridgestone.

In india, Goodyear is new entrant and does not have its premium range and is marketing durable tyres only. The range Goodyear has is a direct competition with appolo 4g tyres, both are hard rubber and claims free replacement till 1lakh kms.

Is Grenlander Tyre a good brand? I don’t have much to spend review

Bridgestone however is an old player in India and has a performance oriented range B290. So, better depends if you want high speed stability or puncture resistant tyres. Buy bridgestone if you want performance, buy Goodyear if you want durability.

It depends. Personally I prefer Goodyear, as they were better presented in the local market. Also back then, most Asian manufacturers made not that great winter tires for nordic winter conditions. But now I guess, it is more a matter of taste. My last Googyears Efficientgrip delivered me 6 seasons of comfortable noise-free trouble-free transportation, which is a record for my driving habits! To be honest, I had no Bridgestones, so cannot compare.

Who makes Greenlander tyres?

Chinese Yuelong Group. Grenlander is an Asian premium budget tyre brand manufactured by the long-established Chinese Yuelong Group (who also make Constancy Tyres).

Where is Greenlander tyre made?

Chinese Yuelong Group Ltd., which is located in Weifang, Shandong, China. According to the company, current annual capacity reaches up to 24 million tyres annually across the car, van and 4×4 segments. Shandong Longyue Rubber Co., Ltd makes four tyre brands – Grenlander, Ilink, Fronway, Sailwin.

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Is Grenlander Tyre a good brand? I don’t have much to spend review

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