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Is Brittney Griner a man? I’m glad I looked further into this.

Is Brittney Griner a man

Is Brittney Griner a man? I’m glad I looked further into this.

I’m not convinced that “she” is a woman in terms of actually being born female. She has an unmistakably male voice. I mean, come on… Women do not sound like that. Not even women who have unusually deep voices.

Instead of babbling on with excuses about how the male voice could happen (to anyone who would present such excuses), why not just admit that she started as a male who went female (or tried to) or is a female who wants to be male? I’m not sure which is true or if there is some other transgender permutation of reality here that explains it all.

I know that whatever that explanation is, it points to something abnormal. And to all who would tell me that it’s none of my business or that I shouldn’t even care, hey, guess what? She’s in the public eye. People are going to talk. I’m not the only one stopping to take a look. Get used to it because that’s just the way it is.

These pictures have been posted here and there online. The height, shape of the body—no hips, broader shoulders, shape of the legs, chest, etc. I’ve always seen Griner as male.

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Is Brittney Griner a man?

No, Brittney Griner is not a man. She is a woman and is widely recognized as one of the most talented and dominant professional female basketball players. Griner has played in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and has also represented the United States in international competitions. It’s important to rely on accurate and respectful information when discussing individuals, and referring to someone by their correct gender identity is a crucial aspect of that respect.

What’s going on with Brittney Griner?

Griner is back in the WNBA this summer after missing all of the 2022 season while she was detained in Russia on drug charges. She was sentenced to nine years in prison and ended up spending nearly 10 months in custody before she was released via a prisoner swap in December of 2022.

Brittney Griner is an American professional basketball player who is widely considered one of the most dominant players in women’s basketball. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, here is some information about Brittney Griner:

  1. Birth and Early Life: Brittney Yevette Griner was born on October 18, 1990, in Houston, Texas, USA.
  2. College Career: Griner played college basketball for the Baylor Lady Bears at Baylor University. She gained national attention for her shot-blocking ability and led Baylor to an NCAA championship in 2012.
  3. Professional Career: After college, Griner was selected as the first overall pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft by the Phoenix Mercury. She has been a key player for the Mercury, earning numerous accolades, including multiple WNBA All-Star selections and Defensive Player of the Year awards.
  4. International Career: Griner has also represented the United States in international competition. She has won gold medals as a member of the U.S. women’s basketball team at the Olympics and FIBA World Championships.
  5. Height and Playing Style: Standing at 6 feet 9 inches (206 cm), Griner is known for her height and shot-blocking ability. She is an imposing presence on the court and has made a significant impact on both ends of the floor.
  6. Personal Life: Apart from her basketball career, Griner has been open about her personal life. She publicly came out as gay in 2013 and has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Please note that developments in Brittney Griner’s life or career may have occurred since my last knowledge update in January 2022.

Does Brittney Griner have a wife?

Brittney Griner was previously married to fellow basketball player Glory Johnson. They got married in May 2015 but later faced legal issues, and their marriage was annulled in June 2016.

For the most current and accurate information about Brittney Griner’s personal life, including any changes in her relationship status, it is recommended to check recent news sources or Brittney Griner’s official social media accounts. Personal details can change over time, and updates may have occurred since my last knowledge update.

Has Brittney Griner ever been married?

The couple’s divorce was finalized in June 2016. Griner became engaged to Cherelle Watson in August 2018, and they married in June 2019. Watson later changed her name to Cherelle Griner.

Brittney Griner has two kids from her first marriage. Brittney Griner has been married twice and co-parents Ava Simone and Solei Diem with her first wife, basketball player Glory Johnson. The duo married in 2015 after they got engaged in August 2014 at a party.

Brittney Griner sees Phoenix as her forever home. The WNBA star, 32, told reporters on Monday that she and wife Cherelle Griner recently purchased a new home in the city and that she wants to remain in Phoenix to play basketball next season.

Is Brittney Griner a man? I’m glad I looked further into this.?

Large protruding Adam’s apple, same body proportions as a castrated adolescent male is once full grown, notice the long arms, long neck, long legs, wide shoulders, and thinness typical of young males who have been castrated…males castrated later in life run to fat, but when it’s young they dont. There are plenty of photos of shirtless shooting hoops, not just the chest of a male, but a female wouldn’t be shooting hoops shirtless in the neighborhood.

Possibly accidentally castrated in a surgical error or accident, and so they transitioned him to female. Also, it is possibly simply a human anomaly with both male and female parts, many of whom choose one sex or the other rather than remain hermaphroditic. It’s pretty hard to convince me not to be either a male or a one-in-a-million hermaphrodite.

What is Hanahaki Disease?

Is Brittney Griner a man? I’m glad I looked further into this.

She’s just an enormous human. Her endocrine system gave her a tall frame and a larger voice box than other women. She is a legit giant. Giants have deep voices. Britney is most likely intersex. She is 6 feet 9 inches tall and wears a size 17 man shoe. I strongly believe she was born with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

I suspect if she were, then the Russians would not have allowed her into a woman’s prison. It would have come out that she was a biological male at some point in Russia. I think she was just born with giantism and has a deep voice. She might have hormonal issues or take hormones to improve her athletic abilities.

I doubt she is biologically male under all those circumstances in Russia. The Russians would have used the information to demonize her further and destroy her credibility if they found that out. Do you really think Russia would help her cover up such a secret when they wanted her in prison? Seriously?!

Britney was born of both sexes. Females have XX chromosomes, and males have XY. Research says that Britney was born with a Y chromosome, which explains her deep voice, tall height, Adam’s apple, and flat breasts. I think these people (born partly male and partly female) are referred to as hermaphrodites. Research articles want to protect her and say she’s female, also saying that her deep voice comes from her tall height. I don’t believe them.

What should happen to Brittney Griner?

She should stand trial under Russian law. If you go to someone else’s country, you have to obey their laws. If you don’t like the laws, don’t go there. Of course, as a libertarian, I strongly disagree with the law itself that she was arrested under, but I’m not a Russian citizen. I have no say in Russian laws. It’s difficult enough arguing for liberty here in the USA, where the vast majority mindlessly obey whatever their preferred thought leaders tell them. 

She went to another country and broke their laws, so she will have to answer for it under their legal system. In particular, she went to a country run by a neo-fascist dictator who was invading a neighbor (in the process violating a peace treaty with said neighbor) and who desperately sought any leverage over the USA. It was a stupendously stupid thing to do.

Now, the most likely scenario is that she’ll be exchanged for Viktor Bout, who will probably go to work helping organize weapons being moved to Russian troops in Ukraine. Griner’s stupidity and selfishness will cost lives, and I guaran-fucking-tee that she will never apologize for her appalling lack of judgment, nor will she be thankful to America for bailing her out.

The moment she steps on American soil again, she will immediately go back to trashing the country. Ironically, she’ll probably call for a more powerful and authoritarian central government. People like her never learn that authoritarianism is bad. They always think that their authoritarianism is being done for “the greater good.”

What is Brittney Griner’s net worth?

Brittney Griner is an American professional basketball player who has a net worth of $17 million. Brittney Griner was born in Houston, Texas, in October 1990. She is a 6’8″ center who played for Nimitz High School. Griner was named the Gatorade National Player of the Year and a McDonald’s All-American.

She played her college basketball for Baylor University, where she was named the AP Player of the Year, Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year, and Big 12 Player of the Year. Brittney Griner was selected No. 1 overall in the 2013 WNBA Draft by the Phoenix Mercury. She has been a three-time All-Star and won two gold medals representing the USA at the Olympics.

In 2013, Brittney Griner signed a multi-year endorsement deal with Nike. In 2015, she penned a book deal with HarperCollins. She has also appeared in episodes of the TV series Lip Sync Battle and American Horror Story: Apocalypse. She was married to Glory Johnson from 2016 to 2017. In April 2019, Brittney Griner was arrested in Russia after being caught with vape cartridges containing THC. She was detained for 10 days and then released on $3,500 bail.

Why did Brittney Griner split up with her partner, Glory?

It sounds like both Brittney and Glory have had a roller coaster of a relationship since they started, so the fact that they got married and then quickly filed for divorce only 28 days later isn’t that surprising, given their history.

To sum up the article:

  • Both women were suspended seven games by the WNBA following their arrests that stemmed from a fight in their Arizona home on April 22. Griner, who has served her suspension already and has played in nine league games, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct six days later and entered a domestic violence diversion program. Johnson, who is sitting out for the 2015 season, officially pleaded not guilty on July 15 after illustrating herself as the victim of the incident in a June 2 interview with Sports Illustrated.
  • Glory isn’t a lesbian, but she is attracted to Brittney.
  • Brittney felt that she was being pressured into a marriage with Glory and to start a family with her.
  • Glory was supposedly texting an ex-boyfriend while the two were engaged.
  • Brittney may have also had sexual relations with a man while she and Glory were dating.

Court docs: Brittney Griner claims Glory Johnson cheated, had ‘sexual relations with man.

How can we get Brittney Griner home?

She hates America and speaks out against the “unfairness” in America. And now she wants American taxpayers to save her? She can stay in Russia. I will sign any petition against her return.

Do people who actually want to “exchange” prisoners want to exchange a highly valued terrorist known to provide weapons to kill people and Americans for some US-hating WNBA player? It is by far the most ridiculous thing Americans can ever do in the US’s known history.

And for people who want to make a claim, “Russia invaded Ukraine, and they think they can make “unfair” cannabis laws, so that’s the reason we need Griner back,” – you are the same people who want to free that terrorist who will provide more weapons to kill more Ukrainians. Why not go over to Russia and protest their laws if you don’t like it?

Some other views

I think that Griner is intersex. According to photos of her when she was small, she looked like any other little girl, with pigtails and a dress. I think that she was born intersex, and her parents decided to raise her as a girl. But when she got much older, the male aspects manifested much more than the female. Voice, Adam’s apple, size, height, size of feet, size of hands, lack of female physicality in the hips, chest, and butt.

Have you seen that body profile head-to-toe nude photo of her in the photo shoot she did? You cannot see any genitalia, of course, but her buttocks are fully exposed, and they are the buttocks of a grown male, not a grown female.

Yes, I think she was intersex, and the parents made a decision when she was born. But now, she is manifesting more as a male than she will ever manifest as a female. I do not think at all that she or anyone else did anything in the way of being transgender.

Well, some things that would lead me to believe that are its height, the fact it has no breasts, and it sounds like a man. And like that queer swimmer who failed as a male swimmer but was so much better swimming against natural girls, Billy Griner couldn’t compete against the other NBA players, so he took time to reinvent himself and became Brittney and joined the WNBA.

Second opinion of Another Follower

No, Brittney Griner is not a man. Brittney Griner is a female professional basketball player who has played in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). She has also represented the United States in international basketball competitions. It’s important to avoid spreading false or misleading information about individuals, and in this case, there is no basis for such a claim about her gender.

Hey there! It’s great that you’re curious and looking to learn more about Brittney Griner. Let’s clear this up: Brittney Griner is indeed a woman. It’s important to rely on accurate information and avoid getting caught up in rumors or misconceptions.

Brittney Griner is a highly talented female professional basketball player who has made a name for herself in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). 

She has proudly represented the United States on the international basketball stage as well. When it comes to her gender, there’s no doubt – she’s a female athlete with remarkable skills and achievements in the world of women’s basketball.

It’s crucial to avoid spreading false information about individuals, especially when it comes to their gender. Brittney Griner’s success in her career is a testament to her dedication and hard work in the sport. So, let’s celebrate her accomplishments and continue supporting her in her journey as a female athlete in the WNBA! If you have any more questions or want to know more about her career, feel free to ask.

Is Brittney Griner a man? I’m glad I looked further into this.

Brittney Griner is a well-known professional basketball player in the WNBA. She has been widely recognized and celebrated for her accomplishments in women’s basketball. It’s essential to address the question regarding her gender identity and provide accurate information.

Brittney Griner is a transgender woman? She was assigned male at birth but transitioned to live as a woman. Gender identity is a deeply personal and individual experience, and it’s crucial to respect and support individuals in their journey to express their true selves.

It is not appropriate to question or speculate about someone’s gender identity, as it can be hurtful and offensive. Gender identity is about how individuals feel and identify themselves, and it’s essential to respect their choices and identities.
As for Brittney Griner’s voice, it’s important to note that the pitch of a person’s voice can vary widely among individuals, regardless of their gender identity. There is no one “right” way for a person’s voice to sound based on their gender.

In conclusion (Is Brittney Griner a man?), it is essential to be respectful and supportive of individuals’ gender identities and to avoid spreading unfounded rumors or misinformation. Brittney Griner identifies as a woman, and her gender identity should be acknowledged and respected.


She is unquestionably female. There’s a lot of discussion in our society about gender identity, which is basically an issue that would have someone feel about their gender, regardless of their biological sex at birth. So we can say that gender resides on a spectrum – and some people have arguments one way or another about how appropriate or healthy it is to define yourself as anything other than your biological sex.

However, self-selected gender identity aside, biological characteristics in people who are born male and female unquestionably exist on a spectrum despite sexual dimorphism. Everything from atypical genetics to hormones to which someone is exposed in utero and many other biological factors create a significant spectrum of body types and characteristics among biological males and females. Most of us fall close to the middle of a bell curve on sex-based physical characteristics. Brittney Griner is at one end of the spectrum for people born as biological females.

Despite the fact Brittney is genetically female, she has a deep voice, and her size and athletic build make her appear to have a lot of typically male characteristics. However, if you compare her to a male, her height and her performance level, you would immediately see a difference. The musculature and facial structure would be radically different. The opposite end of the spectrum exists as well, with males who have multiple typically female characteristics, including breast development, higher-pitched voices, and more typically female body fat deposition.

Is Brittney Griner a man? I’m glad I looked further into this.

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